Phil Robertson And His Sex Life

1/26/2016 2:27pm EST
Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson is a man of many words, so it should not be surprising to hear that he has been rather forthcoming when it comes to his sex life with his wife, Miss Kay.

According to Radar Online, Phil's son, Al and daughter-in-law Lisa Robertson penned a book called, The Duck Commander Devotional for Couples. In the book, the married couple writes about Phil and how he has talked about "enjoying" his "quiet time" with his wife, Miss Kay over the years.

"For all the years we’ve been together, we’ve heard Miss Kay and Phil (mostly Phil) discuss their sex life. Not in detail, mind you, but h...

Josh Duggar Wants Criminal Charges Dropped... Find Out Why

1/9/2016 5:34pm EST
Josh and Anna Duggar
Josh Duggar recently wrapped up a stint in rehab after getting treatment for his sex addiction. According to Star Magazine, the former reality star -- who admitted to cheating on his wife, Anna, on multiple occasions -- says that the woman who has filed charges against him has no basis for her claims. Why? Well, Josh claims that he hasn't even met Danica Dillon.

The 27-year-old has filed a $500,000 battery lawsuit claiming that Josh "beat her" while they had sex. She has also made multiple claims that she has been Josh's mistress for quite some time.

"[Duggar] and his counsel have alread...

British Model Dishes On Threesome With Bieber At London Hotel

12/13/2015 8:48pm EST
Justin Bieber Naughty 'Threeb-Some:' British Model Dishes On 'Su
Apparently, Justin Bieber doesn't think three-some is a crowd. And while the world is preoccupied with Justin reportedly "hooking up" with Kourtney Kardashian, another woman is spilling deets about a "surreal" night of her own with the pop star. Belieb it or not, she calls it a "threeb-some."

According to a Radar Online report, British model, Laura Carter is kissing and telling about an alleged threesome she had with Justin Bieber. The 30-year-old, who appeared in E4’s Young, Free and Single video recalls a night she and another lucky woman had with Selena's ex-boyfriend. She confessed th...

Ex-Royal Staffer Dishes On Prince William, Kate Middleton's Sex Secrets

12/11/2015 8:36pm EST
Will and Kate
We've all seen pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton kissing during the Royal Wedding, but Will & Kate are rarely seen coddling beyond the Palace gates. However, an ex-staff member claims to have the scoop on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's "forbidden sex secrets."

According to an OK! Magazine report, Will & Kate, like any other married couple, are jaunty in the bedroom. For shame, right? More importantly, how does this so-called "insider" know what happens with the Royals in their sleeping quarters? Let's just keep an open mind, shall we?

Duchess Kate is known the world ove...

Carly Simon Tells All About Her Sex Life In Bombshell New Book

12/11/2015 9:14am EST
Carly Simon
Singer Carly Simon recently revealed mystery person's identity in her song, "You're So Vain." Simon dished that Warren Beatty is the inspiration for the song. Now, here's another fun fact about Carly: She shared her bed with several hunky, well-known superstars.

According to a sizzling report, Carly Simon, 70, who is the first artist ever to win three coveted awards for the same song, "Let The River Run," -- Oscar, Golden Globe, Grammy -- wrote a tell-all autobiography that sent ripples throughout Hollywood.

Boys in the Trees: A Memoir was published days before Thanksgiving last month. C...

Seven Ways 'Fifty Shades' Got It Wrong

12/7/2015 11:21am EST
Seven Truths About BDSM that You Won't Find in 'Fifty Shades of
I've spent a year researching the BDSM community. I've gone to parties, developed friendships with kinksters, and read just about everything there is to read about dominance and submission.

What I've found is so much weirder than Fifty Shades of Grey could even imagine. There are a hundred shades of difference between the novel and authentic kink.

Christian Grey was a psychologically damaged man with an angry streak and an inability to smile. The truth is nothing E.L. James could conceptualize in her wildest dreams comes close -- not because it's more extreme than her depiction, but becau...

Tim Tebow Gets Dumped Over His Abstinence (Report)

11/28/2015 7:04pm EST
Tim Tebow Olivia Culpo
Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has been cut by several NFL teams in recent years, but it's his unwillingness to score with his model girlfriend that may have gotten him dumped off the field.

A report in the NY Daily News this week said that Tebow's girlfriend Olivia Culpo sacked him after a two-month fling because he wouldn't have sex with her. Tebow has said for years that he is saving himself for marriage. But he was reportedly very interested in Culpo.

"He was really into her," a source told the News. "He was sending her love letters and cute notes and professing his love for her."


Twitter Buzzes About Playboy's Big Change

10/13/2015 5:49pm EDT
Playboy Nudes: Twitter Reacts To Playboy's No Nude Women Policy
If you enjoy gawking at pictures of naked women, Playboy will no longer be your go-to source for sexy, nude centerfolds and bare-it-all spreads. Starting in March 2016, the magazine will put some clothes on their pin-up girls for the first time in over 60 years.

The announcement that Playboy plans to do away with fully nude women in 2016 created quite a buzz on Twitter on Tuesday. However, no one seemed particularly outraged about the change. Perhaps men really do buy the magazine for the articles.

I expect Trump to release a statement today that when he's president he'll put the nudes ...

Lady Gaga Likes Watching Herself Have Simulated Sex

10/6/2015 8:56am EDT
Lady Gaga
Unlike some celebs who refuse to watch their work on screen, Lady Gaga has no problem critiquing herself -- even in sex scenes.

The singer stars on the upcoming season of "American Horror Story: Hotel," and she revealed that she likes to watch herself so she can make the scenes appear more authentic.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "In a strange way, I think I almost prefer to watch myself in a love scene, because I know that I have to be completely honest in order to achieve something that looks authentic and feels real. They don't scare me... Those scenes, it's an opportunity to be fear...

Bill Clinton Accused Of Rape

9/22/2015 7:05am EDT
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton could be finding himself in quite a bit of trouble if new claims made about him are true. According to the National Enquirer, a new tell-all book called "The Clintons' War on Women" outs the former president, and claims that he sexually assaulted multiple women.

"We're talking about incidents where Bill Clinton has literally jumped on female victims, attacked and in some cases raped them. In three cases, he violently bit his victim’s lip, almost as if to show her what would happen if she ever spoke about what had taken place. I don’t know the statute of limitations in the juri...