Twitter Buzzes About Playboy's Big Change

10/13/2015 5:49pm EDT
Playboy Nudes: Twitter Reacts To Playboy's No Nude Women Policy
If you enjoy gawking at pictures of naked women, Playboy will no longer be your go-to source for sexy, nude centerfolds and bare-it-all spreads. Starting in March 2016, the magazine will put some clothes on their pin-up girls for the first time in over 60 years.

The announcement that Playboy plans to do away with fully nude women in 2016 created quite a buzz on Twitter on Tuesday. However, no one seemed particularly outraged about the change. Perhaps men really do buy the magazine for the articles.

I expect Trump to release a statement today that when he's president he'll put the nudes ...

Lady Gaga Likes Watching Herself Have Simulated Sex

10/6/2015 8:56am EDT
Lady Gaga
Unlike some celebs who refuse to watch their work on screen, Lady Gaga has no problem critiquing herself -- even in sex scenes.

The singer stars on the upcoming season of "American Horror Story: Hotel," and she revealed that she likes to watch herself so she can make the scenes appear more authentic.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "In a strange way, I think I almost prefer to watch myself in a love scene, because I know that I have to be completely honest in order to achieve something that looks authentic and feels real. They don't scare me... Those scenes, it's an opportunity to be fear...

Bill Clinton Accused Of Rape

9/22/2015 7:05am EDT
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton could be finding himself in quite a bit of trouble if new claims made about him are true. According to the National Enquirer, a new tell-all book called "The Clintons' War on Women" outs the former president, and claims that he sexually assaulted multiple women.

"We're talking about incidents where Bill Clinton has literally jumped on female victims, attacked and in some cases raped them. In three cases, he violently bit his victim’s lip, almost as if to show her what would happen if she ever spoke about what had taken place. I don’t know the statute of limitations in the juri...

Jewel: 'I Never Slept My Way To The Top'

9/11/2015 3:11pm EDT
Jewel Talks Being Sexually Preyed On By Men 'From When I Was 8-Y
Jewel revealed that she has been sexually preyed on by men from the time she was 8-years-old and starting out in the music business.

The singer and songwriter told The Hollywood Reporter that she feels the music business is still h"male-dominated business" and that the harassment started at a very young age.

The multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated artist told The Hollywood Reporter the harassment started at a very young age.

"I've had men hitting on me, sadly, since I was really young," she said. "At 8, I had men putting dimes in my hands saying, 'Call me. It'd be so great to f**k when ...

Anna Duggar's Brother Calls Josh Duggar A 'Pig'

8/25/2015 6:15am EDT
Anna Duggar's Brother, Daniel Keller, Bashes Josh Duggar, Calls
Anna Duggar's brother spoke out following her husband's cheating scandal, and completely ripped Josh Duggar.

According to People Magazine, Daniel Keller stood up for his sister on social media, taking a shot at the former reality by way of his sister's Facebook page. Jessa (Duggar) Seewald posted a Bible verse on which Keller decided to comment.

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness," read Jessa's post.

"You have to confess and forsake your sin to have mercy. Not sin confess and repeat. Think for a min about th...

Sean And Catherine Lowe's Marriage In Trouble?

7/22/2015 8:52pm EDT
'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Boring In Bed? Wife Catherine Complains Abo
Former Bachelor Sean Lowe and his wife Catherine appear to have a perfect marriage, but they are reportedly experiencing a struggle that will soon be publicized on national TV. The couple is currently taping Season 4 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and Catherine makes it known that she is not happy with their sex life.

Sean proposed to Catherine on the season finale of the 17th season of the Bachelor in March 2013. Ten months later, on January 26, 2014, millions of fans watched the couple get married on a live TV special on ABC. The honeymoon suite was a big focus of the special, with...

A Bombshell Emerges About Hank Baskett's Alleged Transgender Tryst

7/9/2015 7:52pm EDT
Report: Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's Husband Lied About Transsexua
Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's marriage may hit another hurdle, should the latest gossip about the former NFL player hold its weight in gold.

According to a report by the National Enquirer, Kendra's husband is lying about his involvement with a transsexual from last year. Bear in mind that the tabloid, which broke the news of former Senator John Edwards' affair, also revealed Wilkinson's husband reported 2014 tryst.

Hank's side of the story suggests looks are deceiving; he was in the wrong place and at the wrong time. By his own admission, Hank was out looking for some weed to smoke,...

Janice Dickinson Wants An Apology From Bill Cosby [WATCH]

7/9/2015 11:34am EDT
Janice Dickinson On Bill Cosby Quaalude Admission: 'I Want An Ap
Following Bill Cosby's admission in 2005 that he did obtain Quaalude's to have sex with women, Janice Dickinson wants an apology from the beleaguered comedian.

"I don't know how to feel. I don't have the strength at the moment until each and every one of the women that have accused Bill Cosby, along with myself and a few other women -- I want an apology for each and every one of us in order for my soul to heal," Dickinson told "Entertainment Tonight."

The former model spoke out in light of court documents where Cosby admitted as part of a deposition in a civil suit that he obtained Quaal...

Sex On The Beach? That'll Be Two Years In Prison

7/8/2015 5:19pm EDT
Florida Man's Beach Sex: Man Gets Two And A Half Years in Prison
A Florida man was just sentenced to prison time for having sex on a beach- remember, it's not just a scintillating cocktail, it's a serious crime. According to The Guardian, Jose Caballero had sex on Florida's Bradenton Beach last July, and on Monday he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

It wasn't just the sex that did him in. Apparently, a four-year-old child saw Caballero and his girlfriend doing the deed in public (as well, they were recorded by a witness… which is a little unsavory as it is). The young girl's mother approached the couple and asked them to stop, but Caball...

Russell Wilson Drops A Bombshell About His Sex Life

7/7/2015 9:13am EDT
Russell Wilson Reveals Why He & Ciara Are Abstaining From Sex
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his girlfriend, singer Ciara, have taken a vow of celibacy.

The pair started dating in April, and the football player asked Ciara if she would abstain from sex because of his religious beliefs.

During a question-and-answer session at The Rock church on Sunday, Wilson explained, "I asked her what would you do if we took all that other stuff off the table and did it Jesus' way?

"I said to her, 'Can we love each other without that?' If you can really love each other without that then you can really love somebody."

However, it's difficult for...