Kim Kardashian May Need Her Uterus Removed

8/29/2015 11:50am EDT
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian recently opened up about her infertility struggles, and revealed some shocking news. The reality star sat down for an interview with C Magazine, where she revealed that she may have to have a very serious surgery following the birth of her second child. According to People Magazine, Kim has been told that she may need to have her uterus removed.

"They think I’ll have placenta accreta again, so if the placenta grows a little bit deeper than it did last time, then they are prepared to have my uterus removed, which is a little scary for me. I think we’re just gonna go day by da...

Ariana Grande's Real Hair Is 'Destroyed'

8/28/2015 12:48pm EDT
Ariana Grande
A new report claims that the reason Ariana Grande wears her hair in a ponytail so often is to cover up the bald patches underneath.

This week's edition of OK! magazine reports that her ponytail is fake and she uses hair extensions because she's covering up some pretty serious problems.

An insider from the set of the star's new show "Scream Queens" revealed: "Her hair is a mess, what is left of it anyway. It is destroyed at the ends, and patchy on top. She is scared that if she tries another hair style, her bald patches will show."

Ariana on Aug. 13 in Japan with obvious extensions (but n...

Misha Collins Got Mugged! No Worries, Though- He's 'Totally Fine'

8/24/2015 8:40pm EDT
Misha Collins
Misha Collins was mugged on Friday, but not to worry. He’s OK! The news comes from Us Weekly, who sleuthed out the news after spotting a Facebook post written by Collins’s Supernatural costar Jim Beaver. The post has since been deleted, but here’s what Beaver wrote:

“My buddy and Supernatural colleague Misha Collins was followed out of a restaurant in Minneapolis by three men last night and beaten and robbed. He’s all right, more or less, with some stitches and a fat lip.”

It’s a very scary situation, but luckily nothing too serious happened to the Supernatural star. And he was posting a ...

Giuliana Rancic's Husband Avoided Parachute Collision, Possible Death

8/19/2015 8:57am EDT
Giuliana Rancic's Husband Survives Parachute Jump While One Skyd
Giuliana Rancic's husband Bill was part of a team that parachuted at the Chicago Air and Water show over the weekend in which one person died.

The reality star, 44, landed safely on the ground before two soldiers collided mid-air. Sgt. Corey Hood died following the incident, and the other man, a member of the U.S. Navy Leap Frog Team, broke his leg.

Spectator Heather Mendenhall told NBC Chicago: "We noticed one of the parachutes was way off to the side. It looked like he was going to land on our building. We saw him actually, his legs clipped the top of our building and he fell to the gro...

See Why Salma Hayek Fears For Her Daughter's Life

8/15/2015 10:12am EDT
Salma Hayek Gets Restraining Order Against Women Who Threatened
A judge has granted Salma Hayek against two women who allegedly threatened to kidnap her seven-year-old daughter Valentina.

The actress has claimed that the overzealous fans have impersonated her and made threats against her daughter.

One of the women reportedly sent an email reading: "I know where her daughter will be. How much is her life worth?"

As part of the temporary protection order, the women must stay 100 yards away from Hayek, her daughter , and her husband, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault.

According to TMZ, a U.S. judge will decide in September whether to make th...

'Street Outlaw' Daddy Dave's Doing OK After A Seriously Scary Crash

8/4/2015 1:48am EDT
Dave Comstock
Daddy Dave- that is, Street Outlaws star Dave Comstock- was in a nasty car wreck, but he's on the mend. According to TMZ, Daddy Dave's recovering nicely… except for his memory. He can't remember a single thing about the accident. "He's been told numerous times what happened, but he keeps forgetting," TMZ adds.

Here's what originally went down, according to Fox News. On Saturday, Dave was racing in a drag race when his car smashed into a wall, almost as soon as the race started. Ambulances carted him off quick and luckily his injuries weren't as severe as they could have been. A concussion,...

Is Elvis' Daughter Tom Cruise's Answer To Leaving Scientology?

8/2/2015 10:11am EDT
Ex-Scientologist, Lisa Marie Presley, Reportedly Helping Tom Cru
Tom Cruise has an unlikely ace in the hole against the Church of Scientologist: Lisa Marie Presley.

Reportedly, Elvis' daughter, a former Scientologist, is helping the Top Gun actor reunite with his 9-year-old daughter, Suri, who, with her mom, Katie Holmes, are no longer affiliated with the controversial church.

According to the National Enquirer, Presley, 47, is a key driving force that could help Cruise skirt around a hardened rule among Scientology members who disconnect -- either voluntarily or involuntarily. Lisa Marie cut ties with Scientology religion in 2012 -- and it wasn't pret...

Rob Robbed! Someone Jacked Rob Schneider's Ultra-Rare Baseball Cards

7/27/2015 10:03pm EDT
Rob Schneider Robbed: Wife's Diamond Ring And Rare Baseball Card
Rob Schneider's been robbed! According to TMZ, burglars broke into the 'Deuce Bigalow" star's home on Friday night and stole a number of very valuable possessions, including a super-rare Willie Mays baseball card.

Rob was out at Montreal's Comedy Film Festival that night, while his wife Patricia and daughter MIranda had gone out to grab a bite to eat in LA. Meanwhile, burglars (it's not known at the time how many) busted through a sliding glass door at the back of Schneider's house in Encino, using "some kind of blunt object."

The thieves made off with quite a haul. They got Patricia's di...

Country Singer Stoney LaRue Arrested After Pushing His Girlfriend Down The Stairs

7/22/2015 3:11am EDT
Stoney LaRue Arrested: Country Singer Jailed On Domestic Violenc
Stoney LaRue was arrested on Monday for an alleged incident of domestic violence. According to News9, LaRue (whose real name is Stoney LaRue Phillips) allegedly shoved his girlfriend down the stairs, prompting the police to be called and LaRue to be hauled off in the back of a squad car.

Here's the full story: a witness near the scene saw LaRue come home late Monday night and was noticeably drunk. Apparently, LaRue went to bed, but his girlfriend woke up at 6:15 in the morning to get ready for work. Part of that involved blowdrying her hair- which woke up LaRue and set off a major argument...

'Gone Baby Gone' Actor In Critical Condition After Nearly Drowning

7/21/2015 9:23pm EDT
Sean Malone Critical: 'Gone Baby Gone' Actor Rescued After Almos
Sean Malone is in critical condition after nearly drowning at a beach in South Boston. According to The Boston Globe, the Gone Baby Gone actor had swam out too far into the Boston waters and went under. Thankfully, a Boston firefighter, Chris Flaherty, was working out nearby and happened to see Malone in trouble.

Flaherty didn't actually see Malone go under- but he knew swimming out that far could be dangerous and headed towards Malone's position on a paddleboard. Flaherty realized something was wrong and signaled for help to the only people nearby- three teenagers water skiing, tubing and...