Helpful Life Hacks You Probably Don’t Know About

7/16/2015 3:00pm EDT
23 Awesome And Useful Life Hacks You May Not Know About
If you’re longing for some quick and easy tips to make life just a little bit easier, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled 23 of the most useful life hacks that you may not have known about previously. These awesome tricks will come in handy in all sorts of situations, and the shortcuts it’ll provide will easily help simplify your day-to-day life.

Too many wires? Use paper clips to separate each cable.

We’re in the age of technology, and the amount of gadgets you’ve got at your desk probably grows every month. Headphones, laptop chargers, iPhone cords, ethernet cables — they’re all there, ...

Squeak! Jared Leto Gave Margot Robbie A Really Weird Gift

7/15/2015 11:12am EDT
Margot Robbie Elle
Margot Robbie has a pet rat. But it's not just any old rat. It was a gift from her "Suicide Squad" co-star Jared Leto, who plays the Joker. Robbie plays Harley Quinn.

The actress talks about her pet, named Rat Rat, in the new issue of Elle magazine. She admits the name isn't very original, but she decided to keep the rodent even after some of the crew suggested "killing it."

"If Harley got something from Joker, she'd probably cherish it," the star reasons.

Rat Rat appears to be having a good life. His diet consists of organic berries from Whole Foods.

Fellow co-star Adam Beach, who pl...

Did 'Big Brother' Just Turn X-Rated?

7/11/2015 10:36am EDT
Big Brother Season 17 House photo
Big Brother Season 17 is shaping up to be riddled with controversy early. The latest rumor involves masturbation, but that's minor compared to what alleged sickening act happened next, citing a Daily Beast report.

The CBS reality TV show is often rife with sexism, misogyny, racism; you name it. But this lewd act -- presuming that's what it was -- takes the honors, albeit infamously. Fasten your seatbelts; there's turbulence ahead.

The episode unfolded last week that showed Jeff Weldon and Julia Nolan (Liz's twin) in bed together. Julia, with light blockers on, had her back to Jeff. Meanwh...

Australia's Getting The Very First Beyonce-Based Skyscraper

7/8/2015 4:27pm EDT
Premier Tower
Beyonce's coming to Australia- and she'll be more than 700 feet tall! Well, kind of. According to Us Weekly, a new skyscraper is being built in Melbourne, Australia, and it'll be designed after Beyonce's shapely figure.

Elenberg Fraser, the architecture firm that's designing the building, calls it the Premier Tower- it'll be 68 stories tall and contain both residential homes and retail shops when it's completed. It'll also be shaped like Beyonce, designed after her stunning look in the music video for "Ghost."

In the video, Beyonce wraps her entire body in skintight white fabric and writh...

Michael Jackon's Stormy Message On The Anniversary Of His Death

6/28/2015 8:14am EDT
Michael Jackson Cloud Captivates Fans: Does This Cloud Formation
Just days after the anniversary of his death, Michael Jackson sent fans a message from the heavens.

A storm chaser reportedly captured a photo of the King of Pop in the clouds after a severe storm over Goochland County, Virginia.

WTVR CBS 6 News reported that photographer John Plashal was apparently just submitting pictures of a June 23 storm to the CBS 6 Facebook page, of which he took dozens in succession, but didn't see the iconic image until someone pointed it out to him.

The image that many fans believe looks like Jackson moonwalking has "gone international," according to Plashal....

Adam Scott Gets Checked For Lice On Live TV

6/26/2015 8:14pm EDT
Adam Scott's Lice Confession: Adam And Jason Schwartzman Get Che
Adam Scott made a very special announcement on Thursday night's Conan: he has lice. And he's sharing it with the world! Or at least his The Overnight co-star Jason Schwartzman. According to Contact Music, Adam and Jason were guests on Conan's show Thursday night, when Adam made the big announcement.

"For real," Adam said, turning to Jason. "We've been traveling around the country, promoting the movie for a few weeks and I feel like we have been spending a lot of time together. Which I have enjoyed. But I need to tell you something which is: my family, I learned yesterday, has lice."

"And ...

Emilia Clarke And Cara Delevingne Have An Eyebrow Battle

6/20/2015 6:47pm EDT
Emilia Clarke's Awesome Eyebrows: Emilia And Cara Delevingne Com
Emilia Clarke's eyebrows are already world-famous, but now we have proof. According to EW, Emilia was crowned the winner of an eyebrow-off with English model Cara Delevingne (who's known for having a proud pair of bushy brows herself).

On The Graham Norton Show, Emilia and Cara appeared with Jake Gyllenhaal and Emilia's Terminator Genisys costar Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the talk quickly turned to eyebrows. Apparently, both Emilia and Cara's mothers gave them an eyebrow-based pep talk as a child. " 'Don't touch them.' That was the pep talk," quipped Emilia. "Mild bullying at school? Total...

What Is Lindsay Lohan Doing In This Pic?

6/17/2015 9:38am EDT
Lindsay Lohan 'Cryotherapy': Actress Endures Freezing Cold Tempe
Lindsay Lohan appeared to be having a blast while undergoing a cryotherapy treatment with a friend earlier this week. The procedure involves spending time in a freezing cold chamber in order to decrease inflammation, increase cellular survival, decrease pain and spasms, and promote overall health, according to

The actress posted two photos of the experience on Instagram, writing: "CryoYourMind #ZimmerIceLab I'm at it again!!" followed by, "Crying laughing omg #ZimmerIceLab @brittanymbyrd #virgin2cryotherapy hahahaha."

Lohan and her pal wore bathing suits and large Micke...

Wait, What? New Jersey Mayor Closes Entire Town, Claiming It's Too Full

6/15/2015 8:42pm EDT
New Jersey
Wait, can this really happen? According to Philadelphia Magazine, the mayor of Belmar, a small New Jersey town, claimed the town was too full and closed it off from all incoming traffic.

On Sunday afternoon, mayor Matt Doherty closed off the town's primary road, Route 35, and enforced a rule that only legal residents with the proper identification would be allowed in. All others would be turned away. The mayor made things official with a tweet on the matter:

Belmar has reached it capacity and we are shutting down all traffic into town from Route 35 effective immediately.

— Matt Doherty...

Kim Kardashian's Sexy Burger Fail

6/1/2015 9:45am EDT
Kim Kardashian Tried, And Failed, To Sexily Eat A Carl's Jr. Bur
Would you want to see Kim Kardashian eat a hamburger... with slow motion sex-face?

Turns out, the CEO of Carl's Jr. doesn't. At all. Andy Pudzer, the CEO of Carl's Jr.'s parent company, spoke about the burger chain's famous ads- scantily clad supermodels shoving greasy beef all up in their faces - in an interview with ABC.

And according to Pudzer, Kanye West's better half absolutely sucks at sexy hamburger eating.

"We used Kim Kardashian in an ad," explained the fast food kingpin. "But Kim really couldn't eat the burgers. Luckily, we had a salad we were promoting, so we used Kim in the s...