Who Does 'Bachelor' Ben Sleep With In The Fantasy Suite? Three Ladies, One Emotional Exit

2/8/2016 9:36pm EST
Who Does ‘Bachelor' Ben Higgins Sleep With In The Fantasy Suite?
Bachelor Ben Higgins is just weeks away from the highly anticipated Fantasy Suite dates, followed by what is expected to be a very emotional final rose ceremony.

Who are Ben's final three ladies, where do they travel for the overnight dates, and who sleeps with Ben in the Fantasy Suite?

Here's the scoop on what fans can expect over the next few weeks as Ben gets closer to handing out his final rose and a sparkling Neil Lane diamond engagement ring.

After a stop in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana (Week 7, February 15), Ben will visit his final four ladies for their individual hometown d...

'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Shocks Girls And Keeps Olivia, But There's A Twist

2/8/2016 3:30pm EST
Ben Higgins Surprises Girls And Keeps Olivia, But A Shocking Twi
Olivia Caridi is the most talked about contestant on the Bachelor this season and fans are certain that Ben will send her home at the beginning of tonight's show before the remaining girls travel to the Bahamas.

Last week's show ended with a cliffhanger of sorts, with Ben pulling Olivia aside during the rose ceremony. After learning from some of the other girls that Olivia has a completely different persona when she's around the girls than she does with Ben, he questions if she's there for the right reasons — something host Chris Harrison hinted at weeks ago.

What really happens between B...

Who Are 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Final Four Girls & Who Leaves Hometowns With A Broken Heart?

2/5/2016 7:05am EST
Who Are 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Final Four Picks & When Do The Ho
Bachelor Ben Higgins is just a few weeks away from visiting the hometowns of his final four girls. Which girls get to introduce Ben to their families, where does he travel, and who will go home without a rose after hometowns?

The hometown dates episode (Week 8) airs on February 22, but first Ben will have to eliminate five girls to get down to his final four. On Week 6 (February 8), three girls will go home in the Bahamas (Olivia, Lauren H., Leah), followed by two eliminations on Week 7 (February 15) in Ben's hometown of Warsaw, Indiana (Becca, Emily).

Although blogger Reality Steve in...

'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Hints JoJo Fletcher His Final Pick, Reality Steve's Spoilers Wrong?

2/3/2016 11:12pm EST
'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Engaged To JoJo Fletcher? Reality Steve's
Bachelor Ben Higgins hand out his final rose in a few weeks and fans may be in for a big season finale twist. Are Reality Steve's spoilers wrong for Season 20, who did he really pick, and is he still engaged?

Filming for the final rose ceremony took place in November, so it's been more than two months since Ben got down on one knee and proposed. Although spoilers indicate that 25-year-old flight attendant Lauren Bushnell is the winner, many viewers started questioning the outcome when Ben made one of the most unrealistic promises in the history of the show while talking to JoJo Fletcher ab...

'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Drops Major Hints That Lauren Bushnell Is 'The One'

1/28/2016 7:55am EST
'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Hints Lauren Bushnell Is 'The One,' Says
Ben Higgins isn't keeping his feelings for Lauren Bushnell a secret, making spoilers unnecessary on this season of The Bachelor. From the moment she stepped out of the limo on the premiere, it was clear that she would quickly become the Season 20 frontrunner.

Ben can't help but gush over the 25-year-old flight attendant on screen and on his blog, all but backing up Reality Steve's claims that "the season was over about half way through" due to Ben's feelings for Lauren.

In his most recent People blog, Ben wrote about his Week 4 conversation with Lauren, one that had many fans talking ab...

'Bachelor' Spoilers Week 5: Who Does Ben Higgins Send Home In Mexico City?

1/25/2016 10:16pm EST
'The Bachelor' Week 5 Spoilers: Olivia Insults Amanda With 'Teen
Bachelor Ben Higgins continues on his journey to find love with a trip to Mexico City next week. Episode 5 airs February 1 and fans are already trying to figure out who he will eliminate next.

Ben is just 7 weeks away from the final rose ceremony and the eliminations will be tougher as he starts to fall for several girls. Next week, Ben will say goodbye to two girls and one will depart during a group date.

According to Reality Steve, Lauren Himle and Amanda Stanton will both get one-on-one dates on Episode 5. Lauren gets to take part in a fashion show with Ben during Mercedes-Benz Fashion...

Amber James Dumped By 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins: Will She Return To 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

1/25/2016 7:05pm EST
Amber James Returning To 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 3? Ben Hi
Bachelor contestant Amber James is no stranger to getting her heart broken on TV, but the 30-year-old Chicago bartender hoped that the third time would be a charm when she returned to the Bachelor to find love with Ben Higgins.

On Monday night (Episode 4), Amber's hopes are dashed again when Ben Higgins sends her home at the rose ceremony. Although she was able to sneak in a kiss and go on a few group dates with Ben, the chemistry just wasn't there.

Will Amber take her broken heart home and try to find love off-screen or will she be back for another round of reality TV dating on the upcom...

'Bachelor' Spoilers: Ben Breaks Three Girls' Hearts In Vegas Week 4

1/25/2016 5:02pm EST
'Bachelor' Spoilers Week 4: Olivia's Striptease Fail, Ben's Fant
Who does Bachelor Ben Higgins send home on Monday night? Episode 4 airs January 25 and by the time the rose ceremony rolls around, three girls will be left broken-hearted, including one of the Ferguson twins.

With only 14 ladies left in the competition to win Ben's heart, getting a rose this week is extremely important. The cast and crew head to Las Vegas and while everyone will go on dates with Ben, only two girls will score a one-on-one.

Who leaves, who stays, and who has a panic attack during the group date? Check out the spoilers and preview videos below to get the latest scoop. Tune ...

How Far Does Becca Tilley Make It With 'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins?

1/24/2016 10:25pm EST
 Becca Tilley Top Contender For Next 'Bachelorette'? How Far Doe
Becca Tilley gets her first one-on-one date with Bachelor Ben Higgins on Monday night but is she on the show to find love or another reality show gig?

The 26-year-old San Diego resident was the runner-up on Chris Soules season of the Bachelor. Chris recently told Jimmy Kimmel that it's "a little weird" seeing Becca on Ben's season.

"It's a little weird ... apparently I wasn't enough. She's gotta go back for a second round?"

Many fans think Chris would have picked Becca if she was ready for marriage. There is speculation that the Iowa farmer ended up picking Whitney Bischoff by defa...

Did 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Sneak Away To Mexico With Lauren Bushnell?

1/21/2016 6:45am EST
Lauren Bushnell Vacations In Mexico, Did 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins
Rumors that Bachelor Ben Higgins is engaged to Lauren Bushnell have been creating a buzz online for weeks, and a recent photo Lauren posted online has many fans thinking that Reality Steve's final rose spoilers are true.

Lauren and Ben's first one-on-one date was shown on Monday night's episode, the same day that Lauren posted a photo on Instagram (below) that showed her vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her family. Over 200 of Lauren's followers commented on the photo, with a number of fans asking if Ben was with her in Cabo.

Did they have a good reason to speculate? Perhaps. Be...