'Saturday Night Live' Premiere Recap: Is Third Time The Charm For Miley Cyrus?

10/4/2015 8:39am EDT
'Saturday Night Live' Season 41 Premiere Recap: Is Third Time Th
We are currently living in the Postmodern Miley Cyrus Age. A couple years ago we were in the Modern Era, with the public coming to grips over her burgeoning sexuality and appetite for controversy. Currently, her rebellion is accepted as a given, with her self-awareness tacitly acknowledged by most camps. Her rebellious streak remains, so now she is mostly rebelling against her own sensibilities. In this fashion she hosts the Season 41 premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” her third time. The new year is starting off relatively quietly, at one of its least transitional moments of the past few y...

'Strike Back' Recap: Battle Over The Bomb

10/3/2015 9:37am EDT
'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 39' - Battle Over The B
The end of Strike Back is just one week away, meaning there's no time left for Stonebridge and Scott to keep the North Koreans from unleashing their devastating nuclear weapon on Korea. Can the heroes of Section 20 prevent a massive disaster and the start of a third world war? Well, it is what they're pretty good at.

The action opens with a massive armed response, because Li-Na's plan is already in motion. She's using the podium at the United Nations to give her big speech, having stormed in and killed every security officer between it and her. "Today we bring the true horror of nuclear ca...

What We Learned From 'The Player'

10/2/2015 8:46am EDT
What We Learned From 'The Player': Don't Jump Out Of A Perfectly
Airplanes are very useful for a lot of things. They can take you across the country or across the world in relatively short periods of time. They can be used to transport all kinds of goods. They can put out fires and drop humanitarian aid. Airplanes are meant to help you. So here's our lesson from this week's episode of The Player: Don't jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

In "Ante Up," Alex Kane (Philip Winchester) has to climb aboard a departing jet to stop former acquaintance Dominic McCall (Joseph Sikora) from getting away with a ton of priceless diamonds. He and McCall slug it out...

'Review' Finale Recap: 'Conspiracy Theory'

10/2/2015 8:15am EDT
'Review' Season 2 Finale Recap: 'Conspiracy Theory'
Forrest MacNeil’s commitment to “Review” is predicated on the belief that he is doing good, essential work for humanity. The second season finale makes a decent case for this statement’s validity. Forrest has been dealt a terrible hand with his viewer’s suggestions so many times because they do not want to live so dangerously themselves. They need him to live on the edge. But in the course of dutifully obliging, his and his loved ones’ lives are destroyed. The value of the critical examination of life may exist, but the necessary sacrifice is undeniable. But do people really need to see For...

'The Middle' Recap: Sue Can't Poop In Front Of Taylor Swift, And Other Disasters

10/1/2015 10:05am EDT
The MIddle
The Heck kids have come a long way. Heading into Season 7, Axl, Sue, and Brick are all especially mature to the point that it is a legitimate question whether their stories can still be engaging. When journeys get to this plateau, it helps if the writing moves on to an atypical perspective. In doing so, it is awfully apparent that the rest of the world is not necessarily on the same level as the Hecks. A change of pace can be killer to a sitcom; “The Middle” shows that it ought to be invigorating.

Sue is surely capable of handling the demands of college, as she has persevered through a chi...

‘Empire’ Recap: Look Out World, Lucious Lyon Is Free

10/1/2015 9:45am EDT
Lucious Lyon
Look out world, a few Lyons are out of their cage. Beware of the most dangerous one of all—Lucious. That’s right, Lucious Lyon is free at last thanks to his almighty lawyer. Yet he isn’t the only Lyon on the prowl. After Hakeem, Cookie and Andre got the boot from Empire HQ, Cookie decides instead of taking back what’s hers she’ll create it. So introducing her new label….”The Pride of the Lyons”…okay, the name needs some work.

But not nearly as much as their new studio/office space—Ghetto Records, where “hits” are more likely from the barrel of a gun than a banging song. Boo Boo Kitty easil...

'The Muppets' Recap: 'Hostile Makeover'

9/30/2015 10:34am EDT
The Muppets
One of the biggest recurring problems in “Modern Family’s” later seasons is everyone’s increased hostility towards each other. This in and of itself is not necessarily an issue; what makes it so is how it clashes with the heartwarming voiceover at the end of each episode about the importance of family. “The Muppets” takes several cues from “MF,” including the frequent antagonism between friends and colleagues. It may be jarring to see characters as beloved as these so negative, but “The Muppets” pulls it off. While Kermit and company do manage to get the show going, they do not pretend that...

'Scream Queens' Recap: Cartoon Logic Is Out In Full Force

9/30/2015 9:42am EDT
Scream Queens
The second week of Scream Queens should illustrate the sort of show it wants to be. Now that it’s finished introducing a bulk of the characters and getting viewers familiar with the tone, the show should be well on its way. However, the third episode “Chainsaw” is a bit of a mess. It’s already lost some of the humor. It’s gone from dark humor to complete cartoon.

The insistence on racist/homophobic jokes and one-note characters is troubling. “Predatory Lez” has literally no other characteristics besides being a lesbian. Gigi’s only personality is an obsession with the 90s. These aren’t cha...

'The Voice' Recap: Blind Auditions Are Almost Over

9/30/2015 9:18am EDT
'The Voice' Recap: Season 8 Blind Auditions Are Almost Over
After this week, there's only one more night of blind auditions for The Voice. So on Tuesday, coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams are busy taking their teams from 'sort of done' to 'mostly done,' after the slightly creepy black-and-white versions of past artists stopped popping up.

Darius Scott opens the show with his cover of "You Make Me Wanna..." and turns three chairs, those belonging to Adam, Gwen and Pharrell. Darius goes to Team Pharrell, basing it on his high school experience which includes a N*E*R*D* tattoo. Also known as the one tattoo Adam doe...

'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D' Premiere Packed With Lots To Absorb

9/30/2015 9:10am EDT
'Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D' Season 3 Premiere: A New Skye,
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D started its season 3 premiere right in the middle of an Inhuman discovering the burden of being one. Joey runs away as cops chase him down, ready to shoot. Luckily, Skye Daisy and Mack step in and transport him to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Once back at headquarters, Daisy attempts to convince Joey that being an Inhuman does not destroy your life, but makes it more interesting. Then, she informs him that he needs to leave his old life behind. Joey becomes aggressive upon learning this news, but Daisy knocks him out.

In between our introduction of Joey, and Mack and Daisy's new tea...