'Impractical Jokers' Schedule Marathon For Black Friday

11/26/2015 12:02pm EST
'Impractical Jokers' Schedule Marathon For Black Friday
The Impractical Jokers are inviting themselves over to your house for the Thanksgiving holiday. On TV, anyway.

TruTV has announced that tomorrow will be the "Impractical Jokers Black Friday Marathon," in which the network airs twelve episodes of the hidden camera comedy show back to back to...many backs.

The marathon starts at 5 PM ET/PT and contains installments from every season so far, including "Out of TP" (where Joe Gatto tries and fails to teach Portuguese love songs), "Everything's Just Rosie" (the arrival of 'scoopski potatoes' and Rosie O'Donnell), "Theater del Absurdo" (raising ...

Murr Experiences One Of The Most Outlandish 'Impractical Jokers' Moments Ever

10/24/2015 10:07am EDT
'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: Getting Theatrical In 'Doomed'
The Impractical Jokers have been going big with their antics recently, and what they put together in this week's episode "Doomed" was outright theatrical. Murr may have thought he'd seen a wheel of doom at the Coney Island sideshow, but what happened to him in this episode was probably one of the most outlandish Jokers moments ever.

But before we get to that, first there were a series of familiar challenges. Not content with the episode where they made things uncomfortable for ladies as assistants in a bridal shop, the guys decided to share the joy by running the same "do and say as you're...

'Impractical Jokers': Sal's Friends Put The Screws To Worse Than Ever Before

10/17/2015 12:06pm EDT
Have The 'Impractical Jokers' Found Sal's Worst Punishment?
Of all the Impractical Jokers, Sal Vulcano is probably the easiest to fluster. He's so polite and so well-intentioned that he embarrasses quickly and he has an entire list of things that upset him. But on this week's episode, "The Taunted House," Sal's friends may have put the screws to him worse than ever before.

Jokers fans know that one of Sal's worst punishments involved being sent through a haunted corn maze. The clip has been played over and over again, as Sal - who hates haunted houses among many other things - was forced to wander through the corn field, avoiding creepy kids, scare...

'Impractical Jokers': See The Fallout From Q's Oversharing

10/13/2015 12:51pm EDT
Brian Quinn Shares Too Much Information In 'Impractical Jokers'
The Impractical Jokers are all about getting big laughs in any location, and that's the case in Starpulse's exclusive clip from today's release of their Complete Third Season DVD.

Tasked with playing the world's worst liquor store employee, Brian Quinn approaches an unsuspecting couple and rather than helping them find anything, has to tell them a rough story.

Under the direction of Sal Vulcano, an incredibly awkward Q explains to the shoppers how he once caught his daughter drinking with some guy named Dennis and it didn't end well - for him.

Watch the video below to see the fallout fro...

You Won’t See 'Impractical Jokers' Doing Stunts Like This On TV

10/3/2015 10:01am EDT
'Impractical Jokers' Reveal Challenges You Won't See On TV
This week's Impractical Jokers wasn't your ordinary episode. "One Night Stand Up" was actually a broadcasting of the TruTV comedy foursome's live show from a recent evening in Torrington, CT in its entirety.

You see, when they're not embarrassing each other on national television, Joe, Murr, Q and Sal travel the country performing as the Tenderloins, which is the original moniker of their group. These live shows also give them the opportunity to talk about a number of things that wouldn't make it onto TV.

That means unleashing a slideshow that they called "Challenges You'll Never See On T...

Getting Ready For The 'SNL' Premier: 10 Great Sketches From Last Season

10/2/2015 12:02pm EDT
The Best Sketches Of 'Saturday Night Live' Season 40
“Saturday Night Live” fans take note: Season 41 premieres October 3. But in case you are worried that there will be nothing funny this season, we are taking the remainder of the hiatus to re-visit the best of last season. Read ahead for our choices of the 10 best sketches that made it to air in Season 40. Besides hilarity, the main criterion for each selection was idiosyncrasy.

10. Bambi
The Fast and Furious crew spruces up the latest Disney reboot. For an updated version to succeed, it needs to offer something that the original does not. A cigar-chomping, gun-toting Bambi fits that bill a...

The 'Impractical Jokers' Are Back!

9/26/2015 10:08am EDT
'Impractical Jokers' Scorecard: 'Hopeless and Changeless' - Bad
The Impractical Jokers are back, once again trying to persuade strangers to get on board with them in a variety of ways - be it in discussions at the park or flawed presentations. But would you really take advice from any of these guys? Of course you wouldn't.

Keep reading to find out who lost - and who nearly got beaten up - in this week's episode, "Hopeless and Changeless."

Challenge #1: Agree or Disagree?
The guys have to convince a stranger to agree with their given point of view, which of course is bizarre. Q is assigned "You're only a creep if you get caught," and only succeeds in c...

Why Is Brad Pitt Causing Chickens To Flee?

9/25/2015 9:55am EDT
Brad Pitt Reportedly Terrifying Man's Chickens: Farmer Complains
Brad Pitt is under fire for -- wait for it -- scaring a man's chickens.

Pitt is beloved for a lot of things: tall, dark (at times), and handsome. Oh my, did we mention handsome? It goes that an angry farmer in Northern Ireland is accusing Brad Pitt of terrifying his chickens and livestock.

No, it's not what you think; Brad is not a chicken bully. Instead, it seems the sounds of explosions and concussions from his film, The Lost World Of Z are behind the poultry panic in Ballygally. The film stars Pitt, Robert Pattinson, Charlie Hunnam, and others.

Local, Jason McKillion, spoke to the ...

Watch As Jimmy Fallon Spoofs 'Empire' In The Hilarious 'Jimpire'

9/23/2015 1:57pm EDT
Jimmy Fallon Begins Grooming His 'Tonight Show' Heir In Hilariou
Less than two years into his tenure as host of "The Tonight Show," Jimmy Fallon is already looking to the future and choosing his successor.

The host was joined by show emcee Steve Higgins and Tariq and Questlove of house band The Roots as he parodied Fox's hit series "Empire."

Fallon grilled several members of his staff to see who he could groom as the next host of the show, and the show's real stars -- Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard -- made cameo appearances in the hilarious 10-minute sketch.

A few surprises were thrown in as Questlove revealed a HUGE secret and Fallon revealed w...

Who Knew Hillary Clinton Had A Sense Of Humor?

9/17/2015 12:58pm EDT
Hillary's Trump Impersonation On 'Fallon' May Win You Over As A
Hillary Clinton is known for a lot of things, but bringing the funny is not one of them. However, the presidential hopeful's impersonation of Donald Trump during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show just may earn your vote in the 2016 Elections -- or not.

After CNN's Republican debate, where candidates squared off for a second time -- Fox hosted the first -- Clinton got things popping with Fallon. The presumptive Democratic nominee for the White House took part in a comical sketch with the funnyman host, who pretended to be Trump.

He called Fallon a "total lightweight" and said h...