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'Review' Recap: 'Catfish; Haunted House'

8/28/2015 5:03am EDT
Has hosting “Review” warped Forrest McNeil’s mind, or was he just born that way? His mental lapses are astounding, not because his stupidity is unmatched, but because he is otherwise so insightful. Take, for example, how he figures out how to google. His knowledge in this case may just be pedestrian, but it is totally at odds with what he does not know. Lucille must go over (again) with him “the html website address for googling things,” letter-by-letter, even stopping to clarify that there is a second dot, yet it turns out that all along he has been familiar with the act of entering text i...

'Review' Recap: 'Cult; Perfect Body'

8/21/2015 1:06am EDT
Leading a 5-Star Life

Analyzing “Review” is becoming a practice in tracking Forrest MacNeil’s obliviousness. It appears that the deeper he gets into hosting his show, the less tethered he is from reality. This is ironic considering that the entire purpose of the show is to provide an objective investigation into real-life experiences. Perhaps the only way to maintain self-awareness when living life is to accept an inherently subjective point of view. Or maybe the problem is that Forrest does not realize that his nominal objectivity is in fact clouded by a great deal of subjectivity. It doe...

'Review' Recap: 'Falsely Accused; Sleep With Your Teacher; Little Person'

8/14/2015 2:02am EDT
“Although this predatory behavior felt wrong on every level, I had to continue for the good of humanity.”

While Forrest MacNeil’s forays into curing a gay person and joining the mile high club presented him at his most oblivious, this episode’s batch of reviews indicate that his delusion is more a choice than a fundamental characteristic. He goes into these experiences knowing full well that they may involve questionable behavior, but he plows right ahead because of his total commitment. Any moral dilemma is justified by a belief that this is necessary work to benefit the world. He blinds ...

'Review' Recap: 'Curing Homosexuality; Mile High Club'

8/7/2015 1:03am EDT
'Review' Season 2, Episode 2: 'Curing Homosexuality; Mile High C
“What I do have a problem with is giving up”

The perennial mystery about “Review” is where Forrest MacNeil falls on the scale of self-awareness. At times, he seems so oblivious to the effect he has on people, but it is always in the interest of maintaining the authenticity of his life experiences. His carefully considered narration reveals the great deal of thought he puts into every situation, but there are times when he could be more tactful, even without revealing the nature of his critical approach. “Curing Homosexuality; Mile High Club” presents Forrest at his most oblivious. His inte...

'Review' Recap: 'Brawl; Blackmail; G…'

7/31/2015 12:18am EDT
The prospect of providing episode-by-episode reviews of a show like “Review” is a tricky one. This is not because there is not enough content to comment upon. In fact, there is plenty of material. It is just that a show in which the lead character reviews the events taking place will by its very nature already provide plenty of analysis. The conclusions that Andy Daly offers in his voiceover as Forrest MacNeil anticipate the points that TV critics are liable to make. Thus, reviews of “Review” must take a broader, frequently counterintuitive approach. It may get a little heady, but it should...

Some Life Experiences For Comedy Central’s Forrest MacNeil To 'Review'

7/29/2015 10:08pm EDT
6 Life Experiences Forrest MacNeil Should Review On ‘Review’
Comedy Central’s “Review” boasts a seemingly innocuous premise: on the show within the show, Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly) is a critic who reviews life experiences, from eating breakfast food to going to prom, or even “being Irish.” But as there is no limit to the types of experiences that Forrest will review, his show will often get quite dark and occasionally surreal. Andy Daly fully and fully inhabits all of his characters. Thus, Forrest is the perfect character for him, as he never gives up on any of his assignments, no matter how painful or how much they threaten to ruin his life. In the...

'The Daily Show With Amy Poehler' Was Almost A Real Thing

6/22/2015 11:57am EDT
Amy Poehler
The Daily Show With Amy Poehler was almost a reality. Except for one thing: Amy Poehler had zero interest in becoming the next Jon Stewart. According to a piece in The New York Times, Comedy Central originally had two big celebs in their sights for filling Jon Stewart's Daily Show seat: Chris Rock and Amy Poehler.

And Amy Poehler couldn't have said "no" faster. According to the piece, Comedy Central called up Poehler to "gauge her interest." Her interest? Non-existent. “They were pretty much expecting her to say no, and it was the quickest no in history," says an source close to the networ...

'The Daily Show's' Police Assault Bikini

6/10/2015 3:42pm EDT
Jessica Williams' McKinney Bikini: 'Daily Show' Skewers Texas Po
Jessica Williams and "The Daily Show" just skewered the recent viral video out of McKinney, Texas- where a white police officer shoved a 14-year old girl to the ground and waved his gun at a group of unarmed black teenagers at a pool party.

Horrifying stuff. But as usual, "The Daily Show" flips the most upsetting stories of the day into some pretty terrific comedy.

For their McKinney bit, Williams appeared as the show's "Senior Texas Aquatics Correspondent" at a McKinney swimming pool (not really- she's just standing in front of a green screen). Williams wore a flowery pink bikini, a pair...

Melissa McCarthy's Awesome Tribute To Jon Stewart (Video)

6/4/2015 5:00pm EDT
Melissa McCarthy Wears Dress With Jon Stewart's Face During 'Dai
Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show on Comedy Central later this year, and plenty of recent guests on the program have expressed their thanks for Stewart's work over the years. But on Wednesday, actress Melissa McCarthy may have come up with the funniest tribute yet.

McCarthy, who appeared on the show to promote her new movie Spy, wore a kimono-style dress that was covered with multiple images of Stewart's face.

Stewart reacted to the gag immediately, saying "You know, I've wanted to say this to you for a long time. I am all over you like a cheap suit."

Stewart asked McCarthy "What o...

Martha Stewart Destroys Fellow Roasters (Watch)

4/1/2015 7:44am EDT
Martha Stewart's Hilariously Filthy Jokes Just Won Justin Bieber
Is anyone else in awe of Martha Stewart right now? Stewart was one of many taking shots at the Biebs at The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, but the TV mogul blew away all of them. Even the professional comedians.

How did she do it? By being as offensive and below-the-belt as possible. Which, from Martha Stewart, is just about the funniest thing in existence. Check out a few of Stewart's choicest moments below.

On Kevin Hart:

"As we all know, Kevin is one of the biggest movie stars in the business right now, and he deserves it. He struggled for years. when he finally got his first...