Al Roker Gets Flack From Selfie Tweet

10/6/2015 7:22pm EDT
Al Roker Apologizes For Tweeting 'Insensitive' Photo Following F
Al Roker has years of experience covering natural disasters, but the weatherman ended up creating a disaster of his own over the weekend while covering the flood in South Carolina.

Many on social media took Roker to task after he tweeted out a photo of himself smiling in front of a vehicle that had wrecked as a result of the terrible road conditions.

This selfie disgusts me. SC is not smiling over all they have lost @TODAYshow @alroker #SCStrong #PrayForColumbia

— Jessie Johnson (@jessiegour) October 5, 2015

@alroker @NBCNightlyNews Al, your photo is ...

Lena Dunham Explains Why She Left Social Media

10/1/2015 3:22pm EDT
Lena Dunham Quits Social Media Over 'Verbal Violence', Body Sham
Lena Dunham is done with you, Internet trolls.

The 'Girls' actress revealed on an episode of Re/code Radio this week that she doesn't look at her Twitter account anymore because it's not a "safe space" for her.

Dunham said she regularly receives misogynistic comments on her social media accounts and that she decided it was just better to step away, although she does have someone who will maintain the account and tweet on her behalf.

"I didn't want to cut off my relationship to it completely, but it really truly wasn't a safe space for me," she said. "I think even if you think you can sep...

Thank Goodness Carlos Santana Is Not Dead!

9/30/2015 1:42pm EDT
Carlos Santana Not Dead: Celebrity Death Hoax Has Social Media P
Carlos Santana is not dead folks! It appears the gifted guitarist is the victim of another celebrity death hoax, allegedly buoyed by a reporter's tweet.

Reports of Carlos Santana's death began trending on social media portals on Tuesday. It's unclear about the origin of the hoax, but it apparently gained traction by a reporter who failed to fact-check before firing away.

Chris Walker, the host of CBC Radio One, is under fire for giving credence to information from a source that claimed Carlos Santa had died. However, Carlos' reps quickly discounted the rumors and issued a statement via ...

Demi Lovato Said What On Twitter? No, She Couldn't Have!

9/29/2015 4:47pm EDT
Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato will likely think twice before posting another tweet.

Shortly after Zendaya got a Barbie doll immortalized in her likeness, Demi suggestively tweeted that Mattel should make a "curvy" Barbie model in her image. Social media reacted harshly; readers slammed Lovato's remarks and accused her of ruining Zendaya's moment, among other things.

According to a report, Demi Lovato got slammed for taking to Twitter over her wish in wanting a Demi Barbi. On any other day, perhaps, her followers and haters may have given her a thumbs-up emoji. Instead, Demi was bombarded with sharp criti...

Petition Created To Bring Kim Zolciak Back To 'DWTS'

9/29/2015 3:50pm EDT
kim and tony dwts
Just days after Kim Zolciak had a mini-stroke, she was forced to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars due to what ABC states are "the rules of the competition." However, the Don't Be Tardy star claims that she is fine and would have danced on Monday night if doctors allowed her to fly from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

Shortly after host Tom Bergeron announced that Kim had to withdraw, a petition was set up in an effort to bring her back on the show. The petition was set up by Siobhain Perez of San Antonio, Texas, who is spreading the word on Twitter to bring Kim back to DWTS. However...

Argentinians Misinterpret Kim Kardashian's Tweet About Pope Francis

9/26/2015 10:30am EDT
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian angered some Argentinians after posting a tweet about Pope Francis that one journalist misinterpreted.

On Thursday, the reality star tweeted: "The pope is dope," and the hashtag #thepopeisdope has been trending on Twitter ever since the Pope began visiting the United States.

The pope is dope

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) September 24, 2015

Around 18,000 people retweeted Kardashian's message, but somehow the phrase got lost in translation. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a journalist for website Primicias Ya thought Kardashian said, "The Pope is Drugs," c...

Bristol Palin Blasts Obama For Fanning Flames Of Bigotry

9/18/2015 11:59am EDT
Sarah Palin's Daughter Blasts Obama For Inviting Arrested Muslim
While many applauded President Barack Obama for inviting a Muslim teen to the White House, one person says it fans the flames of racial strife: Sarah Palin's daughter.

In a Patheos blog post, Bristol Palin said the decision to host Ahmed Mohamed -- the 9th-grade teenager arrested recently for bringing a homemade clock to school -- damages race relations and shows partiality. She used the "Black Lives Matter" movement to bolster her argument.

Before linking Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, into the mix, here' a backstory:

On Monday, the 14-year-old student was thrust into national -- perh...

Is Stephen Amell Running For Prime Minister Of Canada?

9/1/2015 1:03am EDT
Who would you prefer: President Kanye West, or Prime Minister Steven Amell?

You may not have to choose between the two. According to, the Arrow star is following West’s lead and “announcing his candidacy for political office.” Which is about as legitimate as it sounds, coming from another celebrity with zero experience in politics, announced via Twitter.

Here’s the tweet from Amell, which reads: “If Kanye runs for President, I’ll run for Prime Minister of Canada” (you can probably guess from the context that Amell is Canadian).

If Kanye runs for President, I'll run for Pr...

Samantha Steffen Called 'Disgusting' By 'Paradise' Co-Star

8/19/2015 6:04pm EDT
Samantha Steffen Bigger Villain Than Joe Bailey? 'Bachelor In Pa
Bachelor in Paradise has more than one villain this season, with Samantha Steffan joining Joe Bailey as two of the most disliked contestants on the show. Although Joe said some hurtful things about Juelia Kinney in his ITMs, Samantha's actions are just as bad and will get even worse as the season progresses.

During the live After Paradise show last week, Juelia told host Chris Harrison that Samantha is "disgusting" — even after Sam tried to apologize to her on Twitter. Kinney states that she became close friends with Steffen during Chris Soules season of the Bachelor and they even vacation...

Lil B Makes Transphobic Joke- And Then Apologizes For It!

7/28/2015 10:26pm EDT
Lil B
Lil' B can admit it- he's a little transphobic. And he's doing something to fix that. According to Billboard, the rapper made a joke on Twitter recently that was in particularly poor taste, but after taking flak from the Internet, he's doing his best to make amends.

Here's the joke that sparked this whole controversy: "I might start saying I'm trans and I'm a woman so I can be in the girls Locker room with the ladies !!!!!! No homo I'm still growin - Lil B"

I might start saying I'm trans and I'm a woman so I can be in the girls Locker room with the ladies !!!!!! No homo I'm still growin...