The New 'Unforgettable' Isn't That Different From The Old

11/28/2015 10:02am EST
'Unforgettable' Premieres Season 4 On A&E - What Did You Think O
Former CBS crime drama Unforgettable made its debut on A&E Friday night, with the Poppy Montgomery-led procedural unveiling a mostly new cast as the series premiered with two back-to-back episodes.

Carrie Wells (Montgomery) and her partner/love interest Al Burns (Dylan Walsh) are back to solve more cases, first investigating a drug case alongside Carrie's ex-husband in "Blast From The Past" and then transporting a key witness to a major trial in "Gut Check."

This season, their supporting cast includes Alani "La La" Anthony (Power) as new medical examiner Delina Michaels (pictured above wi...

Who Went Home On 'DWTS' Week 5?

10/12/2015 10:21pm EDT
'Dancing With The Stars' Results Week 5: Who Topped The 'DWTS' L
Who was voted off Dancing with the Stars on Week 5? This week's "Switch-Up Challenge" was nerve-wracking for the nine remaining celebrities who had to change partners this week. However, there was a sigh of relief when co-host Erin Andrews announced that no one would be going home this week.

So, no one goes, everyone stays — until next Monday. The scores from this week and last week will be combined to determine who will leave on Week 6. Take a peek at last week's (Week 4) leaderboard below, as well as this week's scores. The celebs who are in the bottom three will need fans to vote, vote,...

Duck Dynasty Star Was Sexually Abused

6/9/2015 6:41pm EDT
Duck Dynasty Star Reveals He Was Sexually Abused as a Child
Duck Dynasty's Jep Robertson has a new book coming out called "The Good, the Bad and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family and Forgiveness." The book gives a behind the scenes look at Robertson's life and that of his family, but it also details sexual abuse that Robertson said he was subjected to when he was just six years old.

Robertson spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his claims.

"It was on a school bus. It was an older girl," he said, not revealing her name. "There was this girl there that was just real mean. I think in the end, I think probably she ...

What Brought Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson To Tears?

4/16/2015 1:55pm EDT
New Duck Dynasty Musical Brought Willie Robertson To Tears
Duck Dynasty isn't just a popular TV show, it's also a successful brand. The A & E show that chronicles the lives of the Robertson family has proved successful at creating a lucrative market that allows the family to sell a wide array of hunting and novelty items related to the show.

But that same empire was threatened last year, when the Robertson clan came under fire for some remarks about gay people made by the head of the family, Phil Robertson.

But the family has attempted to move on from the controversy and now appears ready to take the next step in expanding their business by movin...

Q&A With 'Intervention' Executive Producer Jeff Weaver

3/29/2015 12:08pm EDT
'Intervention' EP Jeff Weaver Discusses A&E's Long-Running Reali
A&E's long-running reality series Intervention started its fourteenth season last week, once again showing the difficult stories of addicts and their loved ones as professional interventionists step in to try and help these families save lives.

The series has provoked a lot of discussion over the years, and so we sat down with GRB Entertainment's Jeff Weaver, who serves as one of Intervention's executive producers, to not only preview the new season but also get some insight into how the show is made.

"I think what keeps it going is its authenticity and its barefaced portrayal of the nigh...

7 Things You Didn't See Backstage At The Oscars

2/23/2015 9:21am EST
7 Things You Didn't See Backstage At The Oscars
The 87th Annual Academy Awards have come and gone, but some of the most intriguing things happened behind the scenes. Here are a few things seen and heard from backstage in the press room.

1. Hot Microphones: Before the show began, the ABC red carpet show was playing on the press-room monitors. They forgot to turn off Lara Spencer’s microphone, so the media got an earful as the entertainment correspondent reprimanded her crew for not giving her a long enough countdown to commercial break.

2. Surprise Wins: The press room gasped when Big Hero 6 upset Animated Feature category favorite How ...

Who Are TV's Sexiest Men?

11/21/2014 1:00pm EST
Matt Bomer
People magazine rightfully declared Aussie-born actor Chris Hemsworth as "The Sexiest Man Alive." The actor, who has impressive bulked up for roles in "Marvel's The Avengers" and Thor 2: The Dark World, has definitely earned the title. But this blogger, who loves all things television, couldn't help but wonder: who television's sexiest men alive? Here are my top 10 picks in no particular order.

White Collar's Matt Bomer
While "White Collar" may be shuffling off to that great TV vault in the sky, star Matt Bomer's career is just beginning its stratospheric rise, thanks in part to his...

5 Best Television Shows To Waste A Half Hour Watching

8/22/2014 12:09pm EDT
5 Best Television Shows To Waste A Half Hour Watching
In honor of FXX's marathon of all 552 episodes of The Simpsons, which began yesterday and runs through September 1, we've put together a list of our favorite shows to waste a half-hour watching. They're those programs that you can tune to when you've only got a little time and always enjoy yourself. From Springfield to the United Kingdom, here are our six picks for half-hour escapes.

The Simpsons

Whether you're still a devoted fan or don't watch as much as you used to, chances are you've still got dozens of fond memories from The Simpsons. There's Homer falling down Springfield Gorge, Ma...

9 TV Shows We Were Instantly Hooked On

7/26/2014 1:00pm EDT
9 TV Shows We Were Instantly Hooked On
There are a lot of great television shows, but there aren't many that are immediately addictive. Most shows take a few episodes before they find their characters or their most interesting story. Every once in a while, though, there's that show which grabs you right away - and that's what we're celebrating this week.

Here's our short list of nine shows that turned us into fans before the end credits rolled on their first installment. See if you recognize any of them, and leave your own picks at the end of the article.

24: We were sold on 24 before we ever saw the pilot. Created by Joel Sur...

5 TV Shows You Should Binge Watch This Summer

6/10/2014 11:00am EDT
5 TV Shows You Should Binge Watch This Summer
Popcorn films once ruled the summer entertainment season. Now, TV is king. Every TV viewer, from the casual ones to the fanatics, easily finds shows that appeal to their binge-watching appetite among the ratings kings, or the ones critics obsess over. However, some smaller cult shows often get neglected by TV fans.

Being a television fan 1.0.1 says you must know all the highs and lows of shows like Breaking Bad, Lost, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I Love Lucy, and The Sopranos. But they’re just a number of remarkably written, acted, and directed televisions series, some of which are currently ...