'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Beacon Of Hope' - Out Of Mauritania

February 8th, 2015 9:07am EST
'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Beacon Of Hope' - O
Transporter: The Series takes a step back in its first of two new episodes this week, as we finally get to see an episode that was intended for earlier this season. In "Beacon of Hope," it's Frank's handler Caterina who's under the microscope, as Frank has to rescue her ex-lover from a Mauritanian warlord. The result is a story that, surprisingly, would've worked better without that personal connection.

The episode takes its name from the school that Zac Preston (Tyler Hynes) is working at, which we get a brief glimpse of before a delivery truck is ambushed in the middle of the night. The ...

Why We're Driving For 'Transporter: The Series' Season 3

February 7th, 2015 12:07pm EST
Why We're Driving For 'Transporter: The Series' Season 3
Frank Martin has survived countless enemies, friends turned enemies, Tasers, bombs, and a rocket launcher. But we don't yet know if he'll be back for another season of Transporter: The Series. TNT's imported action-drama wraps its second cycle tonight with back-to-back episodes, which makes this a somber occasion - and also the perfect time to talk about why Frank deserves another ride.

There are many reasons why Transporter occupies a unique space on television. As a French-Canadian co-production now airing in the United States, it has an international sensibility that sets it apart from ...

Our Favorite 'Transporter: The Series' Moments

February 6th, 2015 12:10pm EST
Our Favorite 'Transporter: The Series' Moments
Our favorite new ride is about to make a pit stop, as Transporter: The Series will wrap up its second season tomorrow with two back-to-back episodes starting at 9 PM ET/PT on TNT.

In the four months since it premiered, Transporter has given us a collection of great moments - from jaw-dropping car chases to breathtaking fight scenes and heartbreaking character scenes. There really is no other show quite like this on television. So in honor of a job well done, here are our favorite moments from Transporter so far.

SPOILER ALERT - This list contains selections from both seasons of Transporte...

'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Sixteen Hands' - The One With The Horse

February 1st, 2015 9:02am EST
'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Sixteen Hands' - Th
Frank Martin has transported a lot of things, but a horse is definitely one of the more unique packages. Especially since we know he had a hard enough time with a dog. Yet that's what he's in for in "Sixteen Hands," this week's episode of Transporter: The Series that may be its farthest afield.

We're told straight off the bat that this is no ordinary horse - it's a racehorse poised to win the prestigious Triple Crown (if you don't know your horse racing, no horse has done that since 1978), and thus worth about ten million dollars. But just as Frank and Jules are arriving to pick up their p...

Season 1 Of 'Transporter: The Series' Announced For DVD

January 28th, 2015 3:48pm EST
Transporter: The Series
The best new ride of 2014 is coming home in March, as Fox Home Entertainment announced Wednesday that it will release Transporter: The Series - The Complete First Season to DVD on March 3, 2015.

The set will include all twelve episodes from Transporter's first season, as well as eight behind-the-scenes featurettes focusing on different aspects of the production: "The Making of Season One," "From Film to TV," "Who Is Frank Martin?," "Frank's Packages," "The Women of The Transporter," "Fight Choreography," "Car Stunts" and "The Audi A8."

These appear to be some - but not all - of the materi...

'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Trust' - Won't Get Framed Again

January 25th, 2015 9:15am EST
'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Trust' - Won't Get
Frank Martin gets framed for a lot of things. Last season, he was a suspected terrorist after he got duped into carrying a bomb, and this week he's the prime person of interest in the disappearance of a former client. It just goes to show you that the life of a transporter has a certain number of recurring concerns. Yet even on the second try, Transporter: The Series can't quite get this one to work at full speed.

You see, nine months ago, Frank was in Toronto - on a motorcycle, which is a change of pace for him - taking a very long drive to help the girlfriend of a corporate CEO escape hi...

'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Boom' - Season 2's Biggest Bang

January 18th, 2015 9:15am EST
'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Boom' - Season 2's
If this week's Transporter: The Series teaches us anything, it's that Frank Martin needs to be a little more aware of what's going on with his packages. We know the rule is "never open the package," but "Boom" proves that you don't need to open it to know there's something that might get you blown up.

Despite the adverse situation, our hero makes the best of it in an outstanding story from new showrunner Frank Spotnitz that reminds us why we fell in love with Frank Martin in the first place, and proves that this show is still very much alive and worth fighting for.

Welcome to the Sahara D...

'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Euphro' - The Tarconi Episode

January 11th, 2015 9:02am EST
'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Euphro' - The Tarco
So far in this season of Transporter: The Series, Frank's old friend Inspector Marcel Tarconi has only shown up when somebody else needs something. That changes with "Euphro," which makes Tarconi the client as he teams up with Frank to battle a drug smuggler and the inevitable police corruption.

Action opens in Belarus, where Tarconi is in a van full of troops on the way to arrest the aforementioned smuggler. Reichenberg, who's so low that he's selling counterfeit medicine to sick children.

The troops arrive, but as they raid the target location, Tarconi has a bad feeling about this - one...

'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'Chimera' - Working For The Man

January 4th, 2015 9:03am EST
Transporter: The Series
Frank Martin has certainly come a long way. He began Transporter: The Series picking up escaped criminals, and now this week, he's taking an assignment for the FBI in Chicago. Yes, there's a very good explanation for this, and there's a very good episode that comes out of it, too.

The Bureau has enlisted Frank to get a chemical weapon out of the hands of the Chinese mafia, who have a laboratory in the back of a restaurant in (where else?) Chinatown. Expository narration that we don't really need, and which contains terrible food-related puns, walks us through several false starts that all ...

'Transporter: The Series' Recap: 'T2' - Frank's Tragic Romance

December 28th, 2014 9:06am EST
'Transporter: The Series' Recap And Review: 'T2' - Frank's Tragi
Despite the title, this week's episode of Transporter: The Series has nothing to do with the sci-fi classic Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But like that movie, it has its own good versus evil double act, as Frank tangles with fellow transporter and nemesis Olivier Dassin, and also meets the young upstart who becomes the replacement - at least in theory - for the beloved Dieter.

We're in Poland, where Caterina still hasn't adjusted to Frank's driving, but she's brought him to meet a billionaire who wants a meeting enough to pay dearly for it. But in the lobby, they walk into Dassin (Dhaffer L'...