Paul Deen's Marriage Boiled Over? Divorce Rumors Abound

7/30/2015 9:01am EDT
Paula Deen Divorce: Reportedly, Disgraced Southern Cooking Queen
It's out of the frying pan (a greasy one) and into the fire with Paula Deen's marriage -- allegedly. The latest rumor is boiling over the skillet and suggests the embattled Southern celebrity chef and her husband are getting a divorce.

Documents that potentially signal a divorce were filed in a Georgia court earlier this year show that Deen, 68, signed over a deed to some pricey property to her husband, Michael Groover. Allegedly, Paula granted her rumored soon-to-be-ex-husband full rights to their three-bedroom and bath mansion in Savannah, Georgia, according to New York's Page Six.

The ...

Ben Affleck May Have Cheated With The Nanny, And So Did These 5 Stars

7/29/2015 2:47pm EDT
Jude Law
The internet is imploding today with a report that Ben Affleck cheated on his wife Jennifer Garner with their children's nanny (a rumor his rep calls "complete garbage"). But he isn't the first male celeb who's been accused of, or caught, running around with the babysitter.

British actor Jude Law was involved in a relationship with Sienna Miller when he issued a public apology in 2005 for having an affair with his children's nanny. The actress was also allegedly cheating -- with future 007 star Daniel Craig.

Miller ended their engagement in 2006 shortly after Law's alleged affair was expo...

You Won't Believe What Mila Gets If Ashton Cheats On Her

7/27/2015 9:18am EDT
Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Prenup: If He Cheats, She Gets $25 M
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher reportedly signed a prenuptial agreement that penalizes the former "Two and a Half Men" star big time if he's caught having an affair. How big? If he cheats, Kutcher will have to give Kunis a whopping $25 million.

A "friend" recently told the National Enquirer: "He's strayed before, but if he does it again, $25 million is a nice consolation prize for Mila!"

In 2011, Kutcher allegedly cheated on then-wife Demi Moore with a woman named Sara Leal at the Hard Rock Hotel while staying at the San Diego venue on his and Moore's sixth wedding anniversary.

Kunis, 31,...

Did Blake Shelton Have An Affair With Cady Groves?

7/24/2015 11:22am EDT
Blake Shelton Affair: Cady Groves Rumors Creep Back Up After Div
Blake Shelton affair rumors have hit an all-time high since he and Miranda Lambert announced their decision to divorce on Monday. According to OK! Magazine, rumors that Blake had an affair with singer Cady Groves have resurfaced, after first popping up in 2013 and again in 2014. Groves has taken to social media to post a few interesting messages, and some say that her tweets just about prove that she and Shelton had something, even if she didn't mention his name.

Its sick that I experienced a once in a lifetimes love-still as strong as the day it happened- & have been punished every sing...

Shannon Beador Drops Another Affair Bombshell

7/21/2015 8:19pm EDT
Shannon Beador's Husband: 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Sta
Shannon Beador already shocked the Real Housewives world when she revealed her husband David's affair. According to E! Online, she's doing it again- The Real Housewives of Orange County star just admitted something just as juicy. It turns out, all her Real Housewives castmates knew about the affair before she did!

Shannon was on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night when she dropped the bomb. First up, she confirmed that her fellow Real Housewife Tamra Judge had known about the affair for sometime. But it gets worse.

"They all knew before I did," Shannon revealed. "They did." After a fe...

For Shania Twain, Wife-Swapping Does A Body Good

7/18/2015 7:33am EDT
Shania Twain
Shania Twain is well into her Farewell tour, but the scorned country singing darling has a message to her ex-cheater husband about her super-sexy body: Your loss!

According to the latest edition of National Enquirer, Twain, 49, is "new and improved." The tabloid says information from insiders claims the "You're Still the One" singer is using her last hoorah to throw shade at her former husband. Robert "Mutt" Lange," who had an affair with Shania's best friend, Marie-Anne Thiebaud, seven years ago.

Post a selfie wearing your spots and tag, #IFAKEIT. Help us reach 18,000 mentions. #Panthe...

Who Is Chelsea Clinton's Biological Dad?

7/11/2015 6:30am EDT
Chelsea Clinton
Chelsea Clinton is the latest celebrity to be surrounded by a paternity scandal. Perhaps thanks (in part) to her mother's decision to run for office, Chelsea has found her name in the tabloids, sources claiming that she's not actually Bill Clinton's daughter. According to the National Enquirer, Hillary Clinton had an affair with her former law partner, Webb Hubbell, and there is a good possibility that he is Chelsea's dad according to some new information.

According to the report, "Touch DNA" samples from both Chelsea and Webb were sent out to a "nationally recognized laboratory" for testi...

Who Made Ben Affleck's List Of 'Other Women?'

7/10/2015 7:01pm EDT
Ben Affleck Divorce Update: Reportedly, Names Of Other Women Eme
Was Ben Affleck a rolling stone, and wherever he laid his hat was his home? According to a new report by well a known tabloid, the answer is an unequivocal "yes."

In the wake of Ben and Jennifer 's divorce, many fans, strangers, haters, and critics have all wondered why "Bennifer" ended their 10-year marriage. Allegedly, super secret sources to the National Enquirer believe they know why: Ben Affleck cheated on Jenn and had a bevy of babes.

Unnamed sources say Ben was a chronic flirt and had affairs with a bevy of "other women" such as Blake Lively, Emily Ratajkowski, and Anna Kendrick, t...

A Bombshell Emerges About Hank Baskett's Alleged Transgender Tryst

7/9/2015 7:52pm EDT
Report: Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's Husband Lied About Transsexua
Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's marriage may hit another hurdle, should the latest gossip about the former NFL player hold its weight in gold.

According to a report by the National Enquirer, Kendra's husband is lying about his involvement with a transsexual from last year. Bear in mind that the tabloid, which broke the news of former Senator John Edwards' affair, also revealed Wilkinson's husband reported 2014 tryst.

Hank's side of the story suggests looks are deceiving; he was in the wrong place and at the wrong time. By his own admission, Hank was out looking for some weed to smoke,...

Did Ben Affleck Cheat On Jennifer Garner?

7/9/2015 2:42am EDT
Affleck Cheating: Did Ben Affleck Cheat On Jennifer Garner?
Did Ben Affleck cheat on Jennifer Garner? According to Us Weekly… yes, he did. A new report published by the magazine claims that Ben was engaged in all kinds of shady behavior before his very public divorce, and that it's those vices that caused Bennifer's untimely end.

Multiple sources for the magazine say that Ben was "partying" "gambling" and engaging in "inappropriate behavior with other women," and even that he "admitted to cheating" with an actress playing his love interest in a previous film (now's the time to start scouring IMDB for past co-stars…). Apparently, Jennifer kicked him...