Duck Killer Sentenced: How Much Time Did He Get For The Massacre?

7/27/2015 9:34pm EDT
Landscaper Kills Ducks
A man who purposely ran over a family of Muscovy ducks in May with his riding lawn mower, killing nine of them, is getting jail time.

On Thursday, Jason Scott Falbo II, of Royal Palm Beach entered a guilty plea for brutally killing nearly a dozen ducklings in a Wellington community as a family looked on in horror. The 24-year-old landscaper admitted guilt to a Palm Beach County court over the heinous acts of animal cruelty, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Wellington man gets one year in jail for killing ducks with lawnmower:

— WPTV (@WP...

Why Is Liam Neeson Looking So Scrawny?

7/27/2015 9:17pm EDT
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson was looking remarkably frail this week, sparking up rumors that the gargantuan Irish actor might have health issues. According to Mirror Online, Neeson was spotted in New York City over the weekend, wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a leather jacket- but sporting surprisingly wispy-looking grey hair and a very gaunt-looking frame.

There's no obvious concern yet- for all we know, Neeson's just sporting the wispy look for a new movie. He's just finished shooting Martin Scorcese's latest film, and he'll start shooting another film in September. Not only that, but Neeson was ...

The Bush Family Dynasty Just Got A Little Bigger- Lauren Bush Is Pregnant!

7/27/2015 8:36pm EDT
Lauren Bush
Lauren Bush is pregnant! According to Us Weekly, Lauren (who's the daughter of Neil and Sharon Bush, which makes her the granddaughter of George H.W. Bush, and the niece of George W. Bush) and her husband David Lauren have just announced their very first pregnancy.

"We feel blessed and excited to welcome our little one to the world this November!" Lauren wrote in her baby-announcing Instagram post. She also added the hashtag "#babymoon"- which, in case you didn't know, is like a honeymoon for newly expecting parents. One last vacation before the baby comes and life becomes sleepless nights...

Nearly Three Dozen Bill Cosby Accusers Tell Their Stories In New York Magazine

7/27/2015 6:57pm EDT
Cosby accusere New York magazine
Nearly three dozen women from all walks of life have landed on the cover of the latest issue of New York Magazine. The reason? All of them have accused actor Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them.

From waitresses to former supermodels, each woman tells her own story -- all of which "have remarkable similarities" -- of how the disgraced comedian drugged them with quaaludes and had sex (or tried to) with them.

35 of the 46 women who came out with accusations against Cosby after comedian Hannibal Buress called the once beloved TV star a "rapist" during a stand-up comedy routine posed for th...

Caitlyn Jenner Gets A Little Weepy In New Viral Video

7/27/2015 6:12pm EDT
Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner breaks down in a new viral video taken back when she shot that ultra-famous Vanity Fair coming out photo shoot. According to the video (a short 12-minute documentary from Vanity Fair), Caitlyn absolutely lost it when she saw her very first glimpse of herself on the day of the shoot.

“From a distance, I looked in the mirror and thought, Oh my God,” Caitlyn gushed. “It’s the first time I really saw an image of me, who I am.” She was still nervous, but after seeing herself for the first time, her nerves settled. “This is going to work. . . . We’re going to be O.K.”

According t...

Who'd Want To Kill Zimbabwe's Most Famous Lion?

7/27/2015 5:42pm EDT
Cecil The Lion
Cecil the lion was killed on July 6, and now the authorities are on the hunt for his killer. According to The Guardian, Cecil- a famous lion from Zimbabwe's Hwange national park, often described as "iconic" and part of a protected research study with Oxford University- was illegally tracked and killed by a group of hunters.

The details surrounding Cecil's death are still a little hazy, but here's what we know so far: a Spanish tourist allegedly paid two guides almost $55,000 to hunt and kill Cecil. They used food to lure him out from the safety of the national park (a tactic known as "bait...

Early Sitcom Pioneer Dies At 98

7/27/2015 5:19pm EDT
Peg Lynch: Sitcom Pioneer And 'Ethel And Albert' Star Dies At 98
Peg Lynch might not be too famous today, but she was a pioneer in the world of sitcom TV. Sadly, Lynch died on Friday- according to The New York Times, she was 98 years old when she passed (and only a few months shy of 99), at her home in Becket, Massachusetts.

Lynch (real name Margaret Frances Lynch) was best known for the series Ethel and Albert, which originally began as a sketch in a woman's radio show Lynch wrote for KATE radio in Minnesota. A comedy about a married couple, Lynch played Ethel while a radio announcer played Albert- and as Lynch's career grew, so did the series. it grew...

A Mother's Final Selfless Act Before Tragic Death

7/27/2015 5:00pm EDT
Escalator swallows Chinese Woman
WARNING: The first video below may be disturbing to some viewers

The shocking death of a mom was caught on tape over the weekend in China. Surveillance cameras in a shopping mall captured the heartbreaking and fatal moment a Chinese woman was crushed to death in an escalator accident, but not before pushing her son to safety.

The victim is identified as 30-year-old Xiang Liujuan. She and her 2-year-old son ascended a mall escalator in the central city of Jingzhou when the unthinkable happened.

As the mother and boy reached the landing on the upper floor, it suddenly gave way. The woman c...

Nina Dobrev Flaunts Her Figure On The French Riviera

7/27/2015 4:22pm EDT
Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev got pretty hands-on with new boyfriend Austin Stowell during a trip to Saint-Tropez, France, last week.

The couple enjoyed some fun time jet skiing and on a giant inflatable slide during their trip, and The Vampire Diaries star even shared a video of herself going down it backwards.

Stowell, 30, and Dobrev, 26, put on lots of PDAs during the trip, and on Sunday she couldn't keep her hands off her new man.

While in town, Nina and several fellow stars and models, including Michelle Rodriguez, Irina Shayk, Kate Hudson and mom Goldie Hawn, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, attended...

Is Nick Viall 'Bachelor In Paradise' Mystery Contestant?

7/27/2015 3:30pm EDT
Nick Viall Heading To 'Bachelor in Paradise' As Mystery Contesta
After Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe gives out her final rose on Monday night, fans will turn their attention to the next big drama-fest — Bachelor in Paradise. Back for a second season, the show features a long list of the franchise's most popular castoffs, including several guys from Kaitlyn's season.

ABC is holding back on the identity of one of the 15 cast members who will appear on the August 2 season premiere, creating a buzz about a mystery contestant who will join the Paradise cast at some point during the first episode.

Is the mystery contestant Nick Viall?

With spoilers pointing...