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11/6/2013 8:51pm EST


Recently we here at StarPulse featured a story about this amazing new mobile/website company called EXLEY (, and earlier today I’m doing my usual scan of the news feeds and I come across quite the interesting articles around North America talking about the exact same company putting in a bid to rename two of the most historic locations coast to coast – Runyon Canyon and Times Square!

Now I don’t know much about the logistics behind it but I do know that they have the right to put in an offer and have seemingly done so – along with the mock-ups to prove it. However, from what I have been hearing from people is that there is a mixed reaction on whether these changes should go to a public vote or not, since people name drop these location on a daily basis; shouldn't society decide?

Quick back story: Exley is a website/app that is hoping to completely change the way we receive our media (and celebrity news) by placing the ability in everyone’s hands when it launches on November 11th. For this reason it makes perfect sense why they chose these two celebrity-concentrated areas to make their mark and quite a big splash onto the scene.

According to LA Weekly, Exley CEO Tino Dietrich explained his decision to acquire and rename Runyon Canyon to be “Exley Canyon Park.”.

“It is in the heart of the celebrity lifestyle in LA: Ryan Gosling hikes it every day, and a lot of the celebrities' homes are concentrated in the hill areas of the city.”

Since both landmarks are not owned (surprisingly) these two bids could give a lot of money to growing businesses in the areas and help out a lot of people... And lets be honest, Exley isn’t such a bad name, I could think of a lot worse (how about "Pepto-Bismol Canyon"?).  I wouldn’t mind seeing some funded events in the area every now and then either.  Not all changes are bad ones.  It’s pretty easy to be skeptical or even angry at the idea of renaming these locations, but how many popular things begin as illogical ones?

Peter Hill, a longtime activist in the area concerned with preserving the park,had this to say of Exley's offer: "I think it's hilariously funny. But if they could create a fund specially for Runyon I wouldn't have too much of a problem with it."

So, we’ll just have to wait and see what all the fuss is about and if the two cities agree to the $80 million terms put forth by Exley and it's investors.

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