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The Hollywood Lottery: Mika Newton Shines Bright In 2013

10/25/2013 7:48pm EDT

Mika Singing

When people tell you the odds of making it in Hollywood are less than winning the lottery how reluctant are you to believe them?  If you’re even slightly unsure of that statement than you are in for a rude awakening.  Becoming a top shelf artist in this town is hard enough for someone who lives in America but if you’re from a different country and don’t know the town “vibe” in addition to English, it takes some serious talent to make a splash.

Luckily for international singing superstar Mika Newton she had the vocal chords to grant her a one-way ticket to Los Angeles working with legendary music producer and American Idol judge Randy Jackson.  What began as an entry into 2011 Eurovision competition as the representative for Ukraine, transformed into a 2 year transition that has already seen the blonde beauty gracing spreads in magazines including Maxim and headlining private concerts in the Bellagio Las Vegas. 

We spoke with Mika about her transition and her biggest achievements and hardships since entering tinsel town.  When we inquired about her most rewarding experience since being in LA (and there are many options) her response humbled and surprised us.  “I learned a completely new language - started to speak English, and now I'm able to communicate to a much broader audience”, Mika proclaimed.

Focused first on the message of her music and secondly on the fame that comes with it, Mika seems to be a shining example of what fans expect their icons to be like.  After all, being approached by such a prominent music producer in the first place is quite the feat but it can almost feel a bit surreal.

“My first thought when Randy approached me was that it was a big challenge and I was thinking if I was ready to leave my country, leave my fans to start my life over. In retrospect I'm happy that I did it. During these two years I've spent here in America I made a lot of friends, grew up as a musician, as a person, as a human being. I want to send a HUGE thank-you to Randy for everything he's done for me. I'm blessed to have worked with him.”

In addition to her success with the press and music venues since her arrival Stateside, Mika has graced some of the most prominent red carpets in Hollywood including the American Music Awards, Golden Globes and the Grammy awards where she took home best dressed at the event.  But everyone who is anyone goes through some rough patches on their way to the top but perspective can mean everything.

“Nothing is difficult when you enjoy it. I enjoy my life in America. Everyone has to deal with problems. It's better to think that's difficulties- are challenges and you need to be open to solve all the problems, if you are open- then you are successful”, Mika shares. “Everything that was difficult for me- I took as a challenge, was working hard, and again- it's the way to move on.  I have a lot of difficulties in my life, but I really appreciate everything god sends my way.”

So far 2013 has been kind to Ms. Newton as she tears her way through the ranks after debuting her music video “Come Out and Play” at the Lily Room in the Bellagio, a location only performed in one other time by “Blurred Lines’ singer Robin Thicke. We look forward to seeing the kind of splash she creates when her debut album hits in 2014.

“I went through a lot of things in 2013: I split up with my management company, I wrote bunch of songs, I went through a break-up which taught me a lot in my life, but I thank God, that I'm going through all the difficulties than I'm able to write in my songs. In my new album, you'll learn a lot about my experiences in 2013.”

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