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Tracking Celebs On Your Mobile Is About To Get Easier!

10/24/2013 5:39pm EDT


While Kanye, Kim, and the rest of the Kardashian clan snuck up to the Giants stadium in San Fransisco, many Northern California residents start to wonder how these stars tend to fly under the radar without alerting fans they are in town. Those living in Miami get frustrated when they walk passed tabloid covers only to see photos of Christina Milian basking on the beach when they were doing the same just a few days before. As great as the tabloids are to find out what your favorite celebrities are up to, they also happen to be a little too late. It’s not as interesting to know what Kim, Kanye, and Christina did yesterday when you can know where they are and what they are doing right now!

As far-fetched as that concept may seem, it is about to be at the fingertips of smartphone users worldwide. History will be made on November 11th as the release of the most innovative tabloid will change the way we look at journalism through the launch of Exley. This app not only brings up-to-the-second breaking news directly to your phone, but it is customized to your specific location, interests, and what truly matters to you - including the stars you most closely follow. With Exley, users can become groundbreaking journalists as they spot Taylor Swift shopping for her next piece of vintage furniture at the farmer’s market and post to app for followers to see. Exley’s innovative technology will no longer allow you to be disappointed when you just miss Sarah Jessica Parker leaving brunch in Manhattan as tabloids tend to do.

Smartphone users are growing more and more anxious for the release of this incredible app. With the ability to get information specific to your interest, the fluff and static typically found in news will be eliminated which is the most common complaint viewers have towards today’s media. While Exley turns the common iPhone and Android camera into the lens of a paparazzi, the abundance of information coming in to the app will be supervised so only the best, juiciest, top of the line, breaking news stories that are tailored to your account will be listed on your phone. Not only is this available to your specific home location, but also worldwide. When Exley users travel anywhere from Toronto to Dubai, they will be able to see which celebrities have been spotted where in that city to further their travel experiences.

Exley users will be satisfied beyond expectations as this app refines and polishes the way media is run today. Prior to the mobile app launch on the 11th of November, aspiring participants can be the first to receive notifications specific to the release of Exley by entering their email address on the website at The ability to send in celebrity secrets and scoops as to where A-listers are currently located, as well as obtain vital information based on the user’s present locale and the breaking news concurrent to the area. In a mere few weeks, Exley will be able to entertain fans and aspiring journalists alike through a fully interactive, ingenious mobile app no one has seen before!

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