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Vaping Quickly Becoming The New Hollywood Trend

10/16/2013 3:32pm EDT


If you haven’t spent much time in Los Angeles recently, it may surprise you to see a lit cigarette at the corner of every street.  Whether it’s the stress of “the business” or the resurgence of smoking by popular television icons from show such as “Madmen” and “Sons of Anarchy”, the effect is the same – people like to light up all over tinsel town.  A town built off of networking alone tends to choose the social benefits of smoking over the overt and potentially fatal health concerns.

In true LA fashion, business entrepreneurs are scurrying to find a healthy answer to this self-destructive phenomenon and have followed suit into a new concept of a Vape Bar.  Much like a Hookah lounge you can choose your favorite flavors to be transformed into an odorless and harmless vapor easy for consumption.  Celebrities and lay people alike have been seen hitting up these surprisingly scarce Vape Bars around Los Angeles. Katherine Heigl was one of the first known celebs to make the switch to Vaping but since then many have followed suite including Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan. Although finding one around you can be difficult, finally one of the first centrally located Vaping scenes in LA is opening on the 26th of this month called the Fusion Vape Bar on Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood to provide a much-needed service in an area lacking in these establishments.

We took to the streets and asked some smokers around North Hollywood about the idea of a Vape Bar in their area.  “I love the idea of having a great time with friends without frying my lungs.  I’ll always smoke cigarettes I think but when you add all the Hookah and social smoking along with drinking it just becomes too much”, added one male North Hollywood resident.  We also asked non-smokers their thoughts.  One female resident commented, “My friends and I don’t really get to hang that much because of work but when we do the guys always want to go to Amsterdam Café, and I can’t stand smoke or being around it.  I would love to make something like a Vape Bar a regular place to chill”.

To find a Vape Bar near you visit Yelp or to check out the grand opening of Fusion Vape Bar you can visit:

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Photo Credits: Fusion Vape Bar