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Empire Of The Sun Singer: 'I Wanted To Get Eaten By A Shark'

6/26/2013 4:20pm EDT

Empire of the SunEmpire Of The Sun frontman Luke Steele paddled out into the middle of an ocean in the dead of night hoping he would be eaten by sharks after a furious bust-up with band mate Nick Littlemore.

The notoriously volatile pair was recording tracks for new album Ice on the Dune when Steele caught his collaborator bad-mouthing him to their manager in an online phone call.

The Australian singer flipped, had a brawl with his pal, and drunkenly smashed up the studio before storming out and launching an uncanny 'suicide by shark attack' plan.

He tells Q magazine, "It p**sed me off so bad. We all have the same heart towards the project, but you don't realise it's so broken. (We had a) rugby tackle punch-up... It was so intense (when I paddled out to sea). I wanted to get eaten by a shark. That's the time when I thought, 'I can't live with this danger. I've got a child and a wife and a family.'"

The pair made up later that night in a tearful phone call, and Littlemore adds, "It was a very intense evening."

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Photo Credits: PR Photos