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Top Ten : The Prequel Effect (Infographic)

6/17/2013 12:39pm EDT

Movie Prequels are the perfect solution for expanding the story of a movie that ended perfectly. After all, many people wouldn't ever change an ending to a great movie, even if we want to see more of it. Prequels allows us to do that, by delving deeper into that story before it happens.

But are all prequels a good idea? Sometimes, when executed poorly, prequels are just another way for money-grubbing production companies to eeke another dollar from a beloved franchise, either killing it outright, or downgrading the value of the series.

What prequels were the most successful? What about the least successful? Here's a great infographic about some of the most popular prequels in Hollywood history.

Requels Infographic

Infographic Courtesy of Paul Batistelli and Texas Electrcity Providers. Thank you so much Paul, for your wonderful submission!

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Photo Credits: Paul Batistelli