Erin HeathertonHappy Birthday to:

Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton (1989)

Actress Abigail Mavity (1993)

Actress Jenna Boyd (1993)

Actress / model Diandra Newlin (1991)

Actress Andrea Bowen (1990)

Reality TV star Whitney Port (1985)

Actor Adam Deacon (1983)

Director Len Wiseman (1973)

Singer Ivy Queen (1972)

Actor Nick Stabile (1971)

Celebrity Chaz Bono (1969)

British actress Patsy Kensit (1968)

Lemonheads singer Evan Dando (1967)

Rapper Grand Puba (1966)

Filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson (1965)

Bassist Jason Newsted (1963)

Actor Steven Weber (1962)

Actor Mykelti Williamson (1960)

Actress Patricia Heaton (1958)

Actress Catherine O'Hara (1954)

Actor Adrian Zmed (1954)

Cuban musician/producer Emilio Estefan Jr. (1953)

British singer Chris Rea (1951)

ZZ Top singer/guitarist Billy Gibbons (1950)

Yes bassist Chris Squire (1948)

Singer Bobby Womack (1944)

Actress Paula Prentiss (1939)

Actor John Garfield (1913; d. 1952)

Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi (1678; d. 1741)



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