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Oliver Stone Reaches For Salma Hayek's Breasts At 'Savages' Premiere

9/20/2012 9:37am EDT

Oliver Stone

On Wednesday, Oliver Stone was photographed appearing to grab Salma Hayek's breasts at the "Savages" London premiere.

The director and cast walked the red carpet at the Mandarin Oriental hotel to promote the film in which Hayek plays the leader of a Mexican drug cartel.

However, things got awkward when Stone seemed mesmerized by the actress' busty figure, and he couldn't resist copping a feel in front of photographers.

Hayek, 46, who is married to French fashion mogul Francois-Henri Pinault, tried to blow off the odd encounter by laughing uncomfortably. Stone, 66, has been married for 15 years.
Hayek's co-stars John Travolta and Benicio del Toro were also present at the premiere.

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