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Natasha Calis Conquered Her Fear Of Moths On 'The Possession' Set

9/6/2012 9:35am EDT

Natasha Calis

Teenage actress Natasha Calis was "freaking out" on the set of creepy new horror movie The Possession after she was forced to film a scene sitting in the dark covered in moths.

The young star portrays Emily Brenek, a girl who becomes possessed by a demon after her father, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, buys her an ancient box at a neighborhood sale, and her most disturbing scene came when she had to face her fear of the winged insects.

However, Calis had to hide her terror and sit still throughout the shoot - and she admits thinking back to the scene still haunts her now.

She tells the New York Daily News, "They were crawling in my pajamas and on my face in a dark room. Inside, I was freaking out. But on the outside, I had to stay cool."

"It was pretty creepy - I'm not going to lie. I'm not scared of insects, although I am afraid of spiders. But all I could feel were their little legs all over me. I get shivers just talking about it."

The Possession

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Photo Credits: wenn , Lions Gate Entertainment