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Jimmy Kimmel Gives Jennifer Love Hewitt Giant Image Of Her Cleavage (Video)

April 19th, 2012 11:01pm EDT

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt hopes her grandma doesn't see the billboards promoting her new TV show The Client List - because she'll disapprove of the images of her busty granddaughter posing in her lingerie.

The giant posters, which feature a sultry Hewitt dressed for the bedroom, have become a talking point in recent weeks - and the star can only hope her Texas-based grandma never sees one.

She says, "Thank God none of them have been put up in my grandmother's neighborhood yet. I'm waiting for that phone call - and I'm hoping it won't happen.

"She asked me, 'What are you wearing in the posters?' and I said, 'I'm wearing a bathing suit'. And she's like, 'OK, well that's great!'"

During her appearance on chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, Hewitt was gifted with a segment of the billboard that had been hanging on Hollywood Boulevard, across the street from the comedian's TV studio.

The six-foot by six-foot poster featured a close-up of the actress' cleavage.

Hewitt joked, "It looks like a horror movie blown-up... They're, like, King Kong's (boobs)."

In The Client List, the star portrays a desperate masseuse who performs extra services for cash.

Photo Credits: Lifetime