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New Edition Bandmate Defends Bobby Brown

3/3/2012 8:30am EST

Bobby BrownBobby Brown's New Edition bandmate Johnny Gill has urged his pal's critics to back off as he continues to mourn the death of his ex-wife Whitney Houston, reminding them he has a teenage daughter to look out for.
The singer has come under fire for performing with New Edition hours after Houston's death on February 11 and many of his harshest critics have blamed Brown for the drug problems that plagued his former wife in the last decade of her life.
Despite reports to the contrary, Gill insists Brown's marriage to Houston wasn't all temper tantrums and drug issues - and he feels the media should have a little more respect for a grieving family.
Appearing on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, Gill said, "I've watched how they've (critics) been pointing the fingers and throwing rocks at Bobby and then I listen... and hear everyone contradicting themselves; they sit here and say, 'My heart goes out to (Brown's daughter) Bobbi Kris...' Well, remember this... that Bobby Brown is Bobbi Kris' father. Like him, love him or hate him, when you're throwing rocks at him, you're throwing rocks at her and right now she needs she needs as much love as she can get from everybody."

Bobby Brown 

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