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Ice-T Gets Out Of Jury Duty Because He's Ice-T

10/11/2011 9:45pm EDT

Ice-TRapper/actor Ice-T's celebrity status has been deemed a disruption in court - and scored him a jury duty pass.

The "Cop Killer" hitmaker received a summons to serve as a juror in an upcoming Los Angeles legal proceeding but he was dismissed before trial because fans couldn't concentrate when he was in court.

Ice-T says, "I don't like court, period. I'm on a court show, cop show, but in real life, no cops, no courts for Ice... So I went in there because once the courts send you a summons, you don't play with that.

"So I showed up and I did jury duty, well I kinda did jury duty. I went in there and sat there, I was there about six or seven hours. I saw a judge and they didn't want me to be on that particular case and finally somebody just said, 'You should leave.' Because I was taking pictures with everybody in the court house.

"I think part of being on a jury is anonymity so if you're up on trial, and you look over and see me, you'll be like, 'Hold up.'"




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Photo Credits: PRN / PR Photos