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Steve Buscemi Blames Alcohol For 1998 Knife Incident

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Steve BuscemiSteve Buscemi has learned not to get drunk while on location after a 1998 bar brawl in North Carolina almost cost him his life.
The actor was out drinking with "Domestic Disturbance" co-star Vince Vaughn when locals turned on the drunk stars and a nasty fight broke out.
Buscemi was left with knife wounds to the head and neck, but he isn't holding any grudges - he's blaming the whole thing on the alcohol.
He tells Playboy magazine, "Too much alcohol got consumed that night - by everybody, me included. They were local people; we were outsiders.
"I don't remember what was said or how it started. I only know that if I hadn't been drinking, I would not have gotten into any trouble.
"I had a plastic surgeon fix me up and went on from there."

Steve Buscemi

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