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Kellan Lutz Left Scarred After Gladiator Fight Scene

8/16/2011 10:10pm EDT

Kellan LutzTwilight star Kellan Lutz has been left scarred for life after coming too close to a blade during a fight scene in new movie Arena.

The actor plays a Roman gladiator in the fight epic and admits his gung-ho spirit left him with a painful souvenir.

He explains, "We had this machete fight. I leaned in a little too closely for this machete and it goes 'Slash!'"

But Lutz is proud of the battle scar on his chest.

He says, "I like it because I love scars for some reason. I feel like you get them and they aren't on purpose, but you have them forever and you get to remember where they came from."


Kellan Lutz

Photo Credits: Andrew Evans / PR Photos ,

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