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Kelly Rowland's Wardrobe Malfunction Was 'Very Embarrassing'

August 10th, 2011 10:10pm EDT

Kelly RowlandR&B star Kelly Rowland is still cringing about her weekend wardrobe malfunction after she accidentally flashed her breasts during a performance in New Jersey.

The former Destiny's Child star, who underwent breast enhancement surgery in 2007, was playing a brief solo set at the 4Sixty6 nightclub in West Orange on Sunday when her black bra-style top rose up, revealing her boobs to fans.

She laughed off the incident in a tweet to devotees after the show, but now admits she can't bear to think about the embarrassing moment.

In a video interview with TMZ.com, Rowland covers her face as she recalls, "Oh God. That was very embarrassing. You can't feel that. Your adrenaline's going, your top (rides up)... argh!"


Kelly Rowland

This outfit also qualifies as a wardrobe malfunction -ed.

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