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Mila Kunis Says Side Boob In 'Friends With Benefits' Is All Her, Butt Is Not

July 12th, 2011 8:28am EDT

Mila KunisMila Kunis talked about calling in a butt double for her naked scenes opposite Justin Timberlake in new film "Friends With Benefits."

She explained, "You got side boob out of me. That's a lot. I was compromising - you get side boob or you get butt. You don't get both in one movie."

In the film, a New York headhunter (Kunis) enters into a no-strings-attached relationship with her latest client (Timberlake), but finds things getting unexpectedly complicated when emotions enter the picture. Patricia Clarkson and Woody Harrelson co-star.


Mila Kunis

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