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Abbie Cornish To Record A Hip-Hop Album?

April 5th, 2011 11:22am EDT

Abbie CornishAustralian actress Abbie Cornish has a back-up career in mind if her movie roles dry up - she wants to record a hip-hop album.

The Sucker Punch star has held musical ambitions since taking up DJing as a teenager and she's eager to lay down tracks in the studio and perform live when she has a break in her busy filming schedule.
She tells Britain's Esquire magazine, "I would love to play here in Los Angeles... and record an album. I think it's just a timing thing. I'm so focused on movies now. I'm always writing lyrics. I have so many lyrics written on so many stray pieces of paper. Everywhere. I just write about... whatever's on my mind. Whatever's going on."

"I got into DJing and making beats when I was about 17. I was always fascinated by the four elements of hip-hop; writing, rhyming, breakdancing and graffiti. I'm in a crew now. I love it. It's a huge part of my life."


Abbie Cornish


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