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Vanessa Hudgens Wants To Get More Tattoos

3/30/2011 9:45pm EDT

Vanessa Hudgens Former Sucker Punch star Vanessa Hudgens is so thrilled with her first tattoo she wants more - even though her agents are begging her not to get any more ink.

The actress has had a butterfly inked on her neck and now she wants to get more skin art the next time she's in New York and tattooist-to-the-stars Bang Bang is available.

She says, "My agents are really ticked off. My manager's like, 'No, do anything else; just don't get another tattoo'. But it's my body; I'll do whatever I want."

Hudgens wants one tattoo on her ribcage and she's keen to get a cross on the side of her left hand.

She adds, "I was raised Catholic... (and) Miley (Cyrus) has one there. It's so cool. It's fun. It's like, 'I'm a good girl!'"

And the actress wants to take her dad with her the next time she gets tattooed, in the hope the experience will inspire him.

She explains, "I really want him to get a tattoo because he's a retired firefighter and he wants a Tasmanian Devil with a firehat."


Vanessa Hudgens


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Photo Credits: PRN / PR Photos