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Michelle Williams Open To A 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion

1/11/2011 1:51pm EST

Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams would jump at the chance to star in a Dawson's Creek reunion special - because the show gave her such a good grounding in acting.

The actress was a teenager when she landed her breakthrough role in the drama, and headed to Wilmington, North Carolina with cast mates Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek to film the series.

They spent five years shooting six seasons of the show and it ended in 2003, when Williams was an adult. She has branded the time she spent filming the popular show "the best acting class" and admits she wouldn't hesitate to reprise her role as Jen Lindley.

Williams tells Britain's The Times, "My God, it was a blessing in so many ways and continues to be. It lifted me out of Los Angeles and placed me until I was 22 in a sleepy Southern town. It was the best acting class, learning to hit your mark, absorb your lines. I feel indebted to it and if there was ever a reunion show, sign me up."

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