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Barry Pepper Impressed By Green 'True Grit' Set

12/11/2010 2:31pm EST

Barry PepperTrue Grit star Barry Pepper was impressed with the Coen Brothers' green set - all the stars of the epic western were given their own stainless steel canteens and told to use nothing else for their water breaks.

The Battlefield Earth star admits it was the first time he has ever felt like he and his castmates were doing something to save the environment on a film set.

He tells WENN, "I was given a stainless steel water bottle with a note on it and it was beautifully embossed with 'True Grit.' It was given to all the crew and cast and it said, 'By utilizing this steel water bottle we'll have pumping stations of clean water everywhere you go. We'll save 30,000 in plastic water bottles in the course of this film making.'

"Since then I've been on several other films and they had it too. Everyone's doing it and I think that's really cool."


Barry Pepper


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Photo Credits: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos