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Carnie Wilson: 'I Don't Wanna Talk About Negative Weight Stories'

12/6/2010 2:33pm EST

Carnie WilsonSinger Carnie Wilson is urging the media to stop focusing on her ongoing weight problems and turn its attention to publicizing her efforts to raise $1 million for an autism charity this Christmas.

The Wilson Phillips star was recently caught up in a diet program controversy amid allegations she cheated on the Fresh Diet eating plan she was promoting by snacking on her own range of cheesecakes. The fallout led to Wilson parting ways from the healthy food service last month.

However, the heavyweight singer is "sick" of the negative press and wants to shift the attention to a charitable cause she's supporting via the online sale of her band's new album, Christmas in Harmony.
She says, "There's some funky press right now, but I want to talk about giving this Christmas, because that's the spirit. One of the great things about our CD is that... (with) every single purchase of this record, a donation goes to the Autism Research Institute. I'm trying to raise $1 million for autism."

"I don't wanna talk about negative weight stories and all that c**p people are sick of. Let's make a difference with our own hands. Let's make a difference for children who suffer with autism.

"I'm tired of negativity. Let's have some positivity."

Carnie Wilson


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Photo Credits: PR Photos