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Ron Perlman To Play Ugly Transsexual In 'Frankie Goes Boom'

12/2/2010 8:32am EST

Ron Perlman"Hellboy" star Ron Perlman is set to shock fans by playing a transsexual former convict in oddball new movie "Frankie Goes Boom."
The movie star insists he makes a very ugly woman, who changed her name from Phil to Phyllis, in the film - but he had a great time in drag.
Perlman tells WENN, "I'm wearing a dress, a wig, I had my legs, chest and arms shaved. I had a beautiful pedicure and a lovely manicure, and I was the ugliest woman you've ever seen in your life, which is why I took the job.
"They offered me two different roles and I went for the transsexual because I felt like when the door opens and you see that it's me, it should get a 'Yuck!'"

Ron Perlman

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Photo Credits: PR Photos