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Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Loved His 'Saw' Movie Role

10/28/2010 1:49pm EDT

Chester BenningtonRocker Chester Bennington is delighted with his latest role - he's been immortalized as a victim of twisted serial killer Jigsaw in the new Saw movie.

The Linkin Park frontman is a huge fan of the bloodthirsty film franchise, and he jumped at the chance to play a man held in a gruesome "do or die" trap in Saw 3D, which hits cinemas on Friday. And the What I've Done hit-maker found it easy to slip into the role - he has suffered so many injuries in his life, he knows how it feels to be paralyzed by pain.

Bennington tells Kerrang! magazine, "What I love about the Saw films is the incredible brutality. This is more than (Halloween killer) Michael Myers stabbing people. This is drawn-out, psychological torture where you have to hurt yourself, but it's really hard to pretend to be in agony when you're not feeling any pain. Luckily, I've experienced a ton of physical pain in my life. I've hurt my back, broken bones, and torn ligaments, so I know what excruciating pain feels like and could draw on that. The shoot was long, but it was cool to be involved."

In the Saw movies, psychopath Jigsaw places his victims in elaborate traps where they face a choice of a slow death or an unbearably painful route to survival.  Bennington is refusing to give details of his character's fate - but promises movie fans his role is not for the squeamish.

He adds, "I can't even tell you if I die or not! Let's just say that my wife and I have watched all of these movies together, and she was very close to puking when she watched me film my scene. It's f**king horrible."

Saw 3D


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Saw 3D Movie Trailer [FULL HD]
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