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Susan Boyle: 'It Made Me Feel As If Nobody Loved Me'

10/20/2010 8:38am EDT

Susan BoyleScottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has opened up about the bullies who made her teenage years hell in her new memoirs.

With teen tormenting a huge issue in the news right now following a string of bullying-related suicides in recent weeks in America, Boyle joined the celebrities raising awareness about the plight of victims when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday.

Talking about her school days in her native Scotland, which she writes about in autobiography The Woman I Was Born To Be, Boyle told Winfrey, "(There was) name calling, burning my clothes with a cigarette and trying to trip me up - stuff like that. It wasn't really human and I was being hit round the head and stuff like that. That was physical, but the most hurtful was the psychological things - name calling, repeated name calling... they weren't very nice."

"It made me feel as if nobody loved me, (that) I didn't really matter - I was just a target. Once you give bullies that power, then they've got a hold of you."
Boyle wouldn't always let her teen tormentors get to her: "I used to chase after them... 'I'm gonna get you!'"  And she revealed she used her singing skills to win over the worst bullies.

The Wild Horses hit-maker told Oprah, "You do well in something and you try and gain the respect of someone and that's what I was trying to do with my singing."

Susan Boyle

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