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Dave Grohl: 'I Saw His Balls!' (Video)

10/5/2010 11:30am EDT

Dave GrohlRocker Dave Grohl has filmed a spoof news interview stating he'll sue the Scissor Sisters for $75 million after seeing frontman Jake Shears' genitals during a show.

The video, which appears on the band's official website, sees Grohl break down when questioned by a fake newsreader as he explains his alleged concert experience.

He says, "Jake Shears was singing and he took off his clothes and then I saw his testicle. I saw his balls! I heard screams and then I started to feel dizzy and then I felt sick. This is very hard to talk about."

Grohl claims that he suffers flashbacks from the gig, adding, "Every night when I go to bed, every time when I blink my eyes, I still see Jake's nuts. Is $75 million going to erase that from my life? Probably not."
The joke video appeared after Shears stunned concertgoers at a recent show when he stripped down to his underwear.


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