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Kristen Bell Warns Fans Not To Expect Nudity In 'Burlesque'

September 24th, 2010 12:45pm EDT

Kristen BellKristen Bell has warned fans not to expect any sexy nude scenes in new movie Burlesque - insisting she and co-star Christina Aguilera keep covered up throughout.

The pair plays burlesque dancers in the upcoming film opposite Cher, with Aguilera starring as a small town girl struggling to make it on the stage. However, despite the risqué title and saucy subject matter, Bell is adamant no one gets naked onscreen.

She tells E! Online, "There's lot of sexiness and I show a lot of skin but there is no nudity. The funny thing about this burlesque in the movie is they sort of reinvented it in a way that Europe already knows it. Americans kind of associate burlesque with stripping, which is not what it is at all. Burlesque is actually sort of a funny, wonderful, playful tease."

"The movie will be PG-13 and there will be sensual things about it but it won't be just t**s and a**."

Kristen Bell


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