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Katherine Heigl: 'I Won't Do Anything That's Shocking And Horrible'

6/1/2010 6:30pm EDT

Katherine HeiglActress Katherine Heigl is choosing her next movie projects carefully now she's a mother - because she doesn't want her daughter to be "ashamed" of mom's work.

The Knocked Up star and her husband Josh Kelley adopted little Naleigh last September and Heigl has vowed to scale back her hectic movie schedule to fully embrace motherhood. Heigl admits any new jobs she takes on will be made with Naleigh in mind - but she refuses to limit herself to just making kids' films.

She explains, "I'd hope to never do anything that I would be ashamed for her to see, but now that I've got a child I'm not going to only do children's films. I love stories and opportunities to play different characters, but I won't do anything that's shocking and horrible in terms of playing someone totally despicable."

Heigl will also be basing her choice of film roles on the length of movie shoots - because she can't bear to be separated from Naleigh for long periods of time. She adds, "My work now is so about her.  I don't want to do anything that will take me away from her for too long or put her in an environment that she's not comfortable in."

The actress recently admitted she was left heartbroken on the set of upcoming romantic comedy Life As We Know It after spending more time with her baby co-stars than her own daughter. She told Harper's Bazaar magazine, "I was working with these gorgeous little triplets, who play my child, (and) I was feeling bad I was spending more time with them than with my own kid. And that broke my heart."

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