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Kate Nash Suffered 'Breakdown' On Tour

4/16/2010 3:00pm EDT

Kate NashBritish singer Kate Nash suffered a "breakdown" on her last tour after she began drinking too much. The Foundations hit-maker admits she began to experience emotional problems during a six-week tour of America in 2008, and started consuming more alcohol in a bid to bury her feelings.
She tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "(It was) hard to get nervous or excited about (the shows). Then you'd feel guilty about that, you'd start hating yourself because you were worried you were a bad performer, and then there's all that self-doubt, and without realizing it you become very insecure and very defensive. I started drinking a lot, not in a serious way, but it doesn't keep you as healthy as you should be. I was so tired. I remember being on stage and seeing the first song on the set list and looking down, thinking 'I can't believe I've got to play all of those songs'."

Nash reveals her exhaustion and feelings of self-doubt led to a "breakdown" when she was performing at a music festival in Germany after her American tour wrapped, and her memories of the painful time are always evoked by the music of Regina Spektor."

She adds to The Times, "I feel like crying when I hear (Regina Spektor). When I had my proper breakdown on tour, the one time I really thought, 'Oh, I've actually lost it now, I'm gonna be mental for ever,' I listened to her."

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