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Lady On Bus Made Woody Harrelson Go Vegan

March 30th, 2010 11:50pm EDT

Harrelson,_WoodyWoody Harrelson became a vegan after realizing he was lactose intolerant. The clean-living eco-warrior is at the forefront of meat-free culture, but he admits it was a chat with a lady on a bus that prompted him to give up dairy.

"The Messenger" star tells Hustler magazine, "When I was 23, 24, I used to have a really bad runny nose, mucus, tons of acne, reddishness all over. A woman on a bus I took looked at me and said I was lactose intolerant.

"(She said), 'Stop dairy for three days, and all this is going to go away.' I stopped dairy, and sure enough it was gone three days later, never to return except when I get dairy accidentally."


Woody Harrelson


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