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Emily Blunt & Amy Adams Help Each Other Get Roles

2/10/2010 1:24pm EST
Emily Blunt and Amy Adams, Sunshine CleaningEmily Blunt counts Amy Adams as her biggest supporter - because her "Sunshine Cleaning" co-star often recommends the Brit at her own auditions. "The Devil Wears Prada" star admits she frequently competes with Adams for the same film roles - but the redhead often passes up opportunities if she feels Blunt is a better match.

She tells OK! magazine, "I completely understand when one of them (other actresses) gets a role over me, or vice versa. Amy Adams and I are really good friends, and I think her manager said to her one day, 'You have to stop going into your meetings promoting Emily Blunt!' She was like, 'I know, but I think Emily would be better for (this part)!'

"So I don't really have much rivalry, or if there is any, I don't really know anything about it. Because, you know, I'm not around girls like that. The friends I have in the business, I'm always really happy for them. I think we're always happy for each other. That sounds crap, but it's true."

Emily Blunt

Image © Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

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