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Milli Vanilli, The Real Story - 20 Years Later

2/1/2010 1:34pm EST
Milli VanilliTwenty years ago in 1990, Fab Morvan won what now very well may be the most controversial Grammy Award ever given out. His group Milli Vanilli was given the Best New Artist award. Months later, when it was admitted that Morvan and partner Rob Pilatus weren't the ones who sang on hit songs like 'Blame It On the Rain' and 'Girl You Know It's True,' their Grammy was taken back and the media and music industry chewed them up and spit them out just as fast as they built them up. Now, two decades after that tumultuous year, PopEater had the chance to chat with Morvan about those rocky days, and what his life is like now, and why current artists using Auto-Tune are essentially doing the same thing Milli Vanilli did. "People think they know the story with us, but they don't," Morvan told PopEater. Read the full interview & get the rest of this interesting PopEater exclusive here!

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