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Hayley Williams Sick Of Pregnancy Rumors

December 17th, 2009 7:45pm EST favorite Add to My News
Hayley Williams Sick Of Pregnancy Rumors Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams is sick of fans speculating about her private life, calling the constant stream of pregnancy rumors "crazy." The rocker has been bombarded by reports she's expecting a baby since she rose to fame with the band in 2005.

However, the 20 year old, who dated bandmate Josh Farro for three years, is fed up with the stories about her love life.

She says, "It's still the 'Hayley is pregnant' rumor. That's been going on since our band started. Apparently I've been pregnant at least five different times that I didn't know about! Its nuts! The last time I heard it was about nine months ago, so I guess I'd have had the kid by now! Someone was saying, 'Yeah, Hayley's pregnant and all the guys from New Found Glory are coming to Tennessee to aid in her pregnancy'. And then I was getting engaged and married - it was just crazy."

And although Williams feels uncomfortable with the increased attention surrounding her, she refuses to shy away from the media by hiding away indoors.

She adds, "It scares me in a way, because I don't ever want to be that kid in the spotlight that's closed off and acts weird and wants to isolate themselves. But since a lot of drama has been stirred up by our band not really getting along, and some of the content of the songs, people are definitely into reading online about what I'm doing. And soon there'll be paparazzi somewhere and I'll be, like, 'Really? I'm not that person, go follow Ashlee Simpson, that's not me, I'm not that girl for you'."

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