Cameron DiazHappy Birthday to:

"My Sister's Keeper" star Cameron Diaz (1972)

Reel Big Fish guitarist Radhi Jaidi (1975)

Rancid guitarist Lars Frederiksen (1971)

British deejay Paul Oakenfold (1963)

Actor Timothy Bottoms (1951)

Comedian Lewis Black (1948)

Actress Peggy Lipton (1947)

Actor-turned-politician Ben Jones (1941)

The Mamas and the Papas singer John Phillips (1935; d. 2001)

"My Three Sons"

Actor Fred MacMurray (1908; d. 1991)

Actress Shirley Booth (1898; d. 1992)

Actor Raymond Massey (1896; d. 1983)

"Frankenstein" writer Mary Shelley (1797; d. 1851).

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