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Michael Jackson's Pursuit Of Nude Celebrity Photo Collection Before Death

7/16/2009 5:01pm EDT
Michael JacksonMichael Jackson was reportedly trying to buy a collection of nude celebrity pictures - ranging from Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie-and-Clyde), Hitler's mistress Eva Braun, to dozens of living stars.

The owner of the photo library, who only goes by "Celebrity Sleuth," tells E! News: "Michael was one of the people to show the most interest right away and, up until literally the day before he died, I had an email from Jack saying 'M.J. wants to do this' and so forth..."

Celebrity Sleuth claims the offer was "eight figures" for the pictures that go "back to the '20s and the '30s and the '40s.

"They're pictures that I've collected, bought, been given, been given by the celebrities themselves over the years. I'm the only one that has these nudes because I've been able to recognize them so I've been able to go back and find them."

Some of the shots have been leaked online or published in Celebrity Sleuth's magazine, but the collection Jackson was after was entirely never-seen-before.

For legal reasons, the living celebrities in the collection of nude photos could not be divulged. "If you can think of their name and they're famous, then they're in the collection," Sleuth says. "I would say nobody in the last 65 years who is a female celebrity is not in the collection."

Since Jackson's death, Celebrity Sleuth has been trying to sell the collection to Vegas Casinos and private buyers.

Casey Johnson
Story by Casey Johnson contributing writer

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