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Alanis & Alicia's Road Trip, 'Michael & Michael Have Issues', 'America's Got Talent', Lily Allen's New Single & More (Videos)

7/15/2009 2:00pm EDT
'Michael & Michael Have Issues', 'America's Got Talent', And Lily Allen's New SingleToday's videos include the hilarious "My Mother's Red Hat", from Funny or Die, which features Alicia Silverstone, Alanis Morissette and lots of bad music; a clip from the new Comedy Central original show "Michael & Michael Have Issues"; Lily Allen's latest single, "22", Ben Harper and Relentless7's "Fly One Time" video; and a trio of clips from last night's "America's Got Talent". Check 'em all out!

Alicia Silverstone and Alanis Morissette are two friends who go on a road trip together for the sake of a film soundtrack with lots of sappy bands...

"Michael & Michael Have Issues" premieres tonight on Comedy Central. The show stars Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter and deals with a variety of their 'issues' - the main one being that that they hate each other. Here's a clip from the show: The new Michael and Michael intern needs an interview for his high school newspaper, but only one Michael agrees. Check it out:

Greg the Intern:

Lily Allen's latest single, "22", taken from her album It's Not Me, It's You...

Lily Allen - "22":

Ben Harper and Relentless7's "Fly One Time video, which features Lance Armstrong...

"Fly One Time":

And lastly, three clips from last night's "America's Got Talent" - Tallan Noble Latz's Performance: This nine-year-old defines to meaning of soul man with his guitar skills and claims Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix as two of his influences; and The Platt Brothers' Performance: These brothers show the judges how they bust a move; and Tony Ferrante's Disco dancing routine: ready to shake your hips to Tony's dancing... just don't break anything (like a hip)!... Check 'em out. (The following videos may take longer to load in Firefox browsers...)

Tallan Noble Latz:

The Platt Brothers:

Tony Ferrante's Performance:

...and check out the new single from Shwayze, "Get U Home":

'Michael & Michael Have Issues', 'America's Got Talent', And Lily Allen's New Single

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