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Mia Farrow Struggling As Fast Reaches Day 11

May 7th, 2009 5:39pm EDT favorite Add to My News
Mia FarrowFasting Mia Farrow's hunger strike has reached its 11th day and has taken a difficult turn. After the actress' first 10 days without food had given her energy she never thought she'd have, today she wrote only a single sentence on her blog: "I'm really struggling today." Farrow is in the middle of a 21-day fast as part of an effort to raise awareness about the plight of starving refugees in the Sudan, and only a day after admitting her surprise about how good she feels she finds herself struggling.

Yesterday she wrote, "Strangely I am feeling fine. I realize we don’t need to eat every day. And we certainly don’t need 3 meals a day," but that has changed overnight. She also stated that boredom has been a bigger problem for her than hunger: "I feel so well that I’m bored. I can't really go out. I was told not to do (go up) the stairs (but I do anyway)."

Farrow taped a new interview for CNN's Larry King Live on Tuesday with refugee Mohammed Yahya, which left her upset and angry about the latest problems in the Sudan.

She writes, "He conveyed the realities on the ground far more powerfully than I could. He had just spoken to his mother in Darfur. She told him that the Government of Sudan continues to bomb villages, and the bombings are followed by janjaweed (militia) attacks. The expulsion of the aid agencies is unspeakably horrible but even if they were readmitted (which they wont be) - a return to the status quo is unacceptable. Shame on Egypt, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Qatar for receiving (Sudanese leader) Omar Al-Bashir, a genocidal thug wanted by the ICC (International Criminal Court) for the murder rapes, pillaging and forced displacement of millions of his own people. Shame on the world for permitting this to unfold before our eyes."

In March, three ICC judges chose to uphold the indictment of the Omar al-Bashir, for alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Sudanese government forces in the country's Darfur region.

Farrow's teenage son is also fasting.

Mia Farrow Hunger Strike Day 10

Learn more about the situation in Darfur:
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