Cuba Gooding Jr. & Wife Split After 20-Year Marriage

Oh, That's Nasty (Links & Stuff)

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Family GuyHere's a collection of some of the interesting links we've found around the web in the past few days. There's a couple of funny videos thrown in too. Want more? Then check out the On The Web section for lots more links to funny stuff from around the web! Add interesting links that you find here. It's easy.

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The MacGyver Smack!

Teacher Appreciation Week: 25 Hottest Sex Offenders - Gunaxin

Earth Hour 2009 (Amazing rollover photos) - The Chive

You've probably heard of Bolivia's 'death road'. Here are nine more of the world's deadliest roads - Oddee

Have poor eyesight but no ears? Then these glasses are for you! - Choose Ur Fun

Barbie gets a tramp stamp - Banned in Hollywood

Cool stuff made with beer cans - City Rag

27 observations from being in line at [insert any fast food franchise here] (strong language but soooo true) - Cracked

License plate fail (slightly NSFW) - Fail blog

TBF: if you aspire to be a bully, it's probably not a good idea to get beat up by a kid half your size - Today's Big Fail

Fox picks up a second season of "Family Guy" spinoff that hasn't even aired yet - Hollywood Reporter

If stars were ordinary people (worth it just for SJP) - The Chive

Jessica Biel went for a dip in a vat of self-tanner - IDLYITW

Mother catches daughter stripping for webcam:

That license plate might be Paris'

Ziggy Marley is hobbling around on crutches after injuring his knee during a celebrity soccer match in Los Angeles on Saturday.

"I'm too proud, basically. I've been DJ-ing long enough to know the difference between a good record and a bad one, so I just figured I'm going to do it myself. But that said, Beyonce is the kind of person that would say, 'Yo 'Dris, let me hear what you got, let me see what you're doing', and maybe steer me in the right direction - if I had asked. But I didn't." Actor/music producer Idris Elba refused to ask his Obsessed co-star Beyonce Knowles for advice on his music career during filming for the thriller.

Masked gunmen made off with a Salvador Dali original during a raid on a Dutch museum on Friday. The value has not been released.

Actress Jenny McCarthy has landed her own talk show - with the help of media mogul Oprah Winfrey. The girlfriend of comedian Jim Carrey has been a frequent guest on the TV queen's The Oprah Winfrey Show, and now McCarthy is set to branch out with her own discussion program. McCarthy has also landed her own weekly column on Winfrey's website.

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Jay Z & Beyonce To Tour Together This Summer? Cuba Gooding Jr. & Wife Split After 20-Year Marriage