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Dane Cook Comes Clean After 'Twilight' Prank

April 2nd, 2009 4:00pm EDT favorite Add to My News
Dane CookComedian Dane Cook has been forced to apologize to fans after tricking them into believing he had landed a part in the forthcoming Twilight movie.

The Good Luck Chuck star posted a message on his Twitter.com blog on Wednesday announcing he had joined the cast of film sequel New Moon.

But he took to the social networking site again on Thursday and admitted it was all part of an elaborate April Fool's Day joke.

He writes on his webpage, "I'm proud / sorry to admit I am not going be in the new Twilight film. To all the people that wrote and said 'WTF DANE TWILIGHT IS CRAP' - I know you are thrilled. To all the people that said 'daaaaannneeee I'm so happy 4 uuuuuu and can't wait to experience the vampire LeCook' - I know you feel duped.

"I thought the April Fools of it all would be tipped ...off (by) ...the fact it was APRIL F--KING FOOLS DAY!!!!!!"

And Cook is stunned by just how gullible people can be - after his fake announcement was picked up by several other news sites just hours after his posting.

He adds, "One thing I want to point out. Over a few short hours several websites ran with it. If you wonder how all the bulls--t and lies about your favorite artist end up becoming some odd world fake-fact actualities there you have it.

"Just because someone posts youtube videos/blogs doesn't mean a damn stitch. It's all superfluous crap unless it comes DIRECTLY from the person you are interested in listening to."

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